Thursday, August 21, 2014

The treadmill workout that will kick your ass

The other day, after I finished my workout, I still had about 20 minutes until I needed to leave the gym and i wanted to save 10 minutes for stretching, so I decided to hit up the treadmill. I didn't want to do a boring 10 minute run or even a run/walk so I decided to change it up a bit and did a 10 minute ass-kicking interval workout.

Since I only had 10 minutes, I wanted to do something that packed a big punch and that really got my heart rate up and, most importantly, something that kept my mind from wandering off in to lala land.

Minute 1 - Walking Lunges
Speed: 0.5-1.5 mph

Minute 2 & 3 - Side Shuffles (one minute with each leg forward)
Speed: 2-3 mph

Minute 4 - Fast paced walk @ incline
Speed: 3-4 mph
Incline: 9-12

Minute 5 - Sprint
Speed 6-7 mph

Minute 6 - Walking lunges
Speed 0.5-1.5 mph

Minute 7 - Side Shuffle (30 seconds with each leg forward)
Speed: 2-3 mph

Minute 8 - Fast paced walk at an incline
Speed: 3-4 mph

Minutes 9 & 10 - Run at a moderate pace
Speed 5-6 mph

Cool down after with a 3-5 minute walk.

When I say that this workout will kick your ass, I mean this workout will kick your ass. Literally, my butt cheeks were so sore the next morning. I don't plan on replacing any workout with this treadmill routine, but I will definitely be doing it at the end of shorter workouts just to pack an extra punch and get a little more sweaty.

What kind of cardio do you add in to your routine workouts?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm a bad, bad blogger

Remember that time when I wished something exciting would happen in my life so I would have some good blogging content? Well something exciting happened, and I'm still a terrible blogger. So I'm going to "update" you all and confess a few things, since it's been waayyyy to loong since I've done that.

.....I had a conversation with my mom and a friend about passing gas (aka farting) and it really grosses them out and their bodies were somehow blessed by the hand of God Himself because they just don't "have to do it" and I'm over here like, excuse me while I roll down the window because I have to fart at least 10 times a day.

...When we chose the date for our wedding, we had exactly 64 days to plan. As of today there are 59 days until my wedding. Yes, you read that right. FIFTY NINE DAYS. Surprisingly, I don't feel too overwhelmed (yet) and I actually feel like I have most of the important stuff accomplished. I've booked the venue, talked to my coordinator/catorer, bought a dress + had it fitted, ordered wedding shoes, picked my bridesmaids, chose a wedding hashtag (#ParkerShenanigans14) and scheduled my bachelorette party (<---- most important). 

...Trying on wedding dresses was HELL. I don't see how people think this is fun. I probably put 25-30 dresses on, even though I found the dress I wanted somewhere in the middle. There's just something about knowing that there are so many more options out there, you feel like you have to make sure there isn't a better one. Everyone kept saying "ooohh that looks SO GOOD on you" and I just wanted to be like "everything looks good on me because I'm an effing beauty queen" but I held my tongue.

....I'm writing this instead of running/biking like I am supposed to be. Whoops.

...I told a co-worker that I would make two pecan pies for another coworker's going away party and I really don't want to and I'm debating on just buying some from the store and hoping no one would tell the difference. future MIL keeps adding to my guest list. The guest list that is already 17 people over the maximum amount of people I said I wanted it. Every time I get a text that says "Oh I forgot about so and so" a fit of rage comes over me and I nearly break/throw whatever is in my hand at the time.

...I don't have any pictures for you because the only pictures I have are wedding related (my dress and my venue) and I'm not ready to share those just yet.

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Have you ever planned a wedding in 8 weeks, do you have any tips or tricks?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

It started out like any other Sunday...

...but it ended with me being a fiancée instead of a girlfriend.

I have been planning on blogging about this all week, however work and time constraints and previous engagements/responsibilities have hindered me from blogging at all.

We began the day going house shopping, which actually turned out to be really productive. We have a new realtor from the last time we went down the road to potential homeownership, and she is amazing! I never thought how much of a difference a good realtor could make when it comes to looking for potential homes. After looking at a few houses, Derek and I went on a mountain bike ride - our first since the spring, since it's been too hot recently.

Since it was still pretty hot/humid (pretty sure the humidity was 91% that day) and we both forgot our camelbaks, we opted for a short four mile ride, followed by a ride to the boat ramp and a dip in the river. Sidenote: when you're planning on swimming around in the river, don't wear a white sports bra. After the ride back from the boat ramp, I was all for going home, but Derek wanted to go on a trail run - I insisted it was too hot. Too tired. We didn't have a lot of water. But he said we needed to work on our running-after-biking for the tri we're doing (in three weeks eeeep). So I agreed to a two-ish mile run.

On the trail, there is a place where the trees and vines completely cover the whole trail, making a sort of vine/tree tunnel. It's my favorite part of the trail and I always say something about how pretty it is every time we ride through it. As we ran through, I said, as I usually do, "This is my favorite part, it's so cool how the trees make a tunnel here. It's so pretty." Derek replied, "Yeah, wouldn't it be a cool place to get engaged?" I kind of giggled a little and said, "Yeah, it would be." but not thinking much about it, because we all know he likes to "call wolf" when it comes to engagements.

Then we ran out of the tunnel and nothing happened.

After running a few more minutes (the whole time me complaining about anything: tree roots, sweat, being tired, bugs) Derek ran through not one, but two spiderwebs back to back. As he was frantically making sure there wasn't a spider crawling on his head, I started doing the same. Because spiders on my body would not have been okay. Once I made sure I was arachnid-free, I started running again and Derek whipped around very fast, throwing his hand out toward me. I, being the highly logical and sensible lady that I am, screamed (still thinking of spiders) "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Him: "What does it look like I'm doing??"

Me (after seeing something sparkley): "What is that? What are you doing?"

Him: "Hahaha what does it look like?"

Me: "Are you kidding me right now?"

Him "Nope."

Me: "...................................."

Him: "Well?"

Me: "Well, you haven't asked me anything yet!"

Him: "Oh, I thought it was kind of implied. I guess, will you marry me?"

Me: "YES!"

And we lived happily ever after.

Not really. We still had another mile and a half to run before we got back to the truck, the whole time me running with my hand in my face staring at my beautiful new toy, tripping over tree roots. It wasn't what you would call a "romantic" proposal, mainly because I half way didn't believe that it was ACTUALLY happening, after months of waiting.

We don't have any plans yet, except we are both so thrilled to be marrying one another! After we work out a few "loose ends" we will be in full force planning mode!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Brain funk Friday

The only thing worse than being in a brain funk is being in a brain funk on a Friday, when work is already hard to get done due to the weekend looming ahead. Yesterday some crazy news was sprung on me and I still haven't quite gotten over the shock of it (sorry for being vague, I know it's annoying) but since my brain isn't quite functioning properly, I borrowed this little post idea from Kayla.

What/when was the last...

...recipe I made? I guess if we are talking about legitimate recipes, then it would be this one a few days ago. But last night I made chicken & broccoli carbonara but I didn't really use a recipe.

...good decision I made? If we are  talking big decisions, then I guess accepting my current new job. But it was also a good decision when I decided to get a pedicure on a whim yesterday after work. Where upon I got the best damn foot/calf massage I've ever gotten. place I went to? I haven't been anywhere super exciting recently, since most of our weekends are spent on the river/lake. Maybe our vacation to central Florida? Harry Potter World was amazing as well. I watched? Well since I don't have a TV at my apartment, I usually just watch a lot of movies. When I go to Derek's we watch Family Guy and American Dad so I'm sure it was one of those.

...awesome thing that happened? Since I already mentioned my pedicure and my new job, I guess I will go with the fact that I ran 3 miles in 33 minutes today. I know that's as slow as a turtle running in molasses but I'm pretty dang proud.

...thing I bought for myself? Lunch from Jim 'n Nick's yesterday (with a large lemonade) and it was DIVINE.

...good photo of me and Derek?  Well since that boy never wants to take pictures with me, I guess the last good ones were taken on vacation. But I snapped one of us riding fourwheelers last weekend. Half of his face is cut off and we are sweaty and dirty, but we were having a blast.

...bad decision I made? Skipping the gym one day this week. 

...time I was really excited? NOW!!

...time I had a free weekend? With my new job, I technically have free weekends every weekend! We are always filling them with water activities, so I know I'm going to be really really sad when it gets too cold. But then I guess we'll just start mountain biking again. Always going going...

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Adjusting to change is tricky. You get some news and you prepare like heck for whatever change is going on in your life and you think you're ready. Then out of left field, this thing you aren't even anticipating comes and knocks you all out of whack and that, my friends, is exactly how I feel today.

Let me back up a little, and explain myself better. You all know by now that I've had a recent position change at work and now, instead of working three to four 12-hour shifts throughout the week (and weekends) I am now working a good ole Monday through Friday 9-5 like the other 90% of working Americans (I made that statistic up). I thought it would be great! I thought I would love having every single weekend to to whatever I pleased and that I would get off work and come home to cook dinner and relax with my boyfriend. 

I didn't think I would miss the random Tuesday I had to myself to go grocery shopping or lay by the pool. I didn't think I'd miss those Thursdays off to catch up on laundry/dishes/general housework while having a Harry Potter marathon. I thought - this is what everyone does, it can't be too hard! Well my friends, it ain't easy. I've got a pile of (clean) laundry up to my ears because I can't find the time to put it away. More times than not, my dinner has consisted of mac and cheese or a pop tart or chips and salsa than a home-cooked meal because I'm so exhausted after work to cook anything too great. Not to mention the neglect I've been giving this blog.

Believe me, I know I sound like some huge nag right now and you're probably telling me to suck it up and get over it, which is basically what I've been telling myself over the last week. I'm working on it. I'm working on adjusting my routines and I'm working on saying goodbye to those Wednesday afternoons reading books at my leisure and saying hello to spending weekends with my friends and loved ones and not being on my feet for 12+ hours a day.