Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm back!

Hello! Holy moly, it's been almost a month (!) since I've visited this little space. Just in case you weren't around before, and this is your first time visiting (or maybe you're just really bad at paying attention to things) I got MARRIED over the weekend. 

When I last wrote, I talked about getting on a roller coaster. So far, this has been extremely accurate, but in an awesome way. I know it's only been a few days but being married is great. We had an awesome time on our honeymoon and are getting used to living together in my teeeeny tiny apartment. It's tough when he takes up as much closet space (if not more) than I do.

As far as the wedding goes, there were a few hiccups (when are there not?) but we made it through and the day was absolutely perfect! I could not have asked for a better wedding. I'll do a more detailed post later, and leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from the day (you may have already seen some of these if you follow me on instagram).

I have never felt more beautiful than I did on Saturday!

That may or may not be Miller Lite (it definitely is).

Me and my dear ole dad.

Me and my mom, dad, and brother.
Our photographer was a family friend, so unfortunately she does not have a website for me to share with you, but some of these are some of the few she has sent me, please to not share or save without letting me know! Thanks!

Friday, September 26, 2014

I'm about to get on a roller coaster

With my upcoming wedding, I (obviously) have been stuck in wedding-planning mode and there is a never-ending stream of wedding-related thoughts running through my head at all times. Particularly when I'm trying to go to sleep. It goes something like this:

"How much time will we need for pictures?"

"How much will this cost?"

"If I don't do ____ I'll be able to save more money to do ____ instead.

"Will the bridesmaid dresses look good together?"

"Will 100 stems of baby's breath be enough?"

"I hope everyone comes on time."

"I'll kill them if I don't."

"I still can't believe ______ isn't going to come. I really thought they would."

...and so on and so forth.

But lately some other thoughts have been creeping up in my mind. Less wedding thoughts and more marriage thoughts. Sometimes the thoughts catch me off guard, take my breath away and leave me a little winded. Sometimes they're happy thoughts, I become overwhelmed with emotion just sitting at my work desk and tears well up in my eyes, because I can't wait to start my life with Derek. Sometimes they're scary thoughts. They make my stomach turn in knots and my heart jump up in my throat.

The best thing I can think to compare it to is a roller coaster - beginning with the engagement being like waiting in one of the long lines. The whole two hours you're waiting with anticipation and excitement, hoping you'll get a good seat, that the automatic camera gets a great picture, and that no one is going to barf on you. You're nervous, but mostly you're excited.

As you're getting closer - the next group to board - you start to get a little more nervous, but you're still excited. You think that first hill didn't look so high from the ground, but now that you're up close, its a little scary. But you know you love roller coasters, you cant wait for the car to get back around - you're counting the minutes, until finally it pulls in and the other passengers get off.

Now, you're in the car. You've buckled your seat belt and lowered the safety bar. There's no turning back. Your heart is pounding and your palms are a little sweaty. But then the attendant comes around and checks all the safety bars - you have a moment of panic. You can't get out! It's too late! What if something happens? What if you don't want to ride anymore? But then the car begins the slow ascent up the first hill - the big scary one - to start the ride.

I know there will be ups, downs, and probably a few loopty loops that aren't expected. There may be times when I have my hands up in the air, screaming with delight and there may be times when I'm holding on to that safety bar for dear life, praying that I just make it through. But that's marriage. I'm not going in to it thinking it's all going to be unicorns and rainbows. There will be ups, downs, and arounds. There will be trials - and triumphs - and we will have to support each other through them all.

I'm ready to start my ride of a lifetime.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rainy Engagement Pictures

Honk honk....captain of the struggle bus right here. Last night, some very good friends of ours threw us a "stock the bar" shower and shrimp boil. We had a blast but got home entirely too late, and I am needing to chug coffee this morning. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite engagement pictures with you all (since I was such a tease last week). 

The day I took engagement pictures, it was dreary, rainy, wet, and anything else you could think of that would make taking pictures less than ideal. But we said "what the hell" and went for it anyway, and I'm so glad because they actually turned out pretty great.

We decided to take pictures at the same place we'll be getting married, because (1) I just love the place and I've seen other couple's pictures taken there that turned out gorgeous and (2) I wanted to scope out places to take pictures on the day of the wedding - so yes, you can expect to see some duplicates of these pictures in our wedding garb. Let's just pray it doesn't rain that day.

One of my absolute favorites! I always think kissing pictures are awkward, but this one turned out not so bad.

You can tell here that the rain was starting to ruin my hair, but I still really like this one!
So there you are, another teaser - but hopefully this time you all are a little more satisfied!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wedding planning update

I'm really trying to hit this blog up on a semi-regular basis. And by "semi-regular" I  mean I am trying to not go two weeks without posting again. I thought I'd go with the easiest thing, and talk about planning my wedding, since (obviously) it is the only thing on my mind these days. If you're new to this party, on the day I picked my wedding date, I had 64 days to plan. Roughly two months. Eight(ish) weeks. However you want to look at it, it isn't very long.

My most favorite engagement shot!

I'm hoping to put together a post explaining why I chose such a short engagement, and how I've made it through (so far) without killing anyone or losing my sanity (hint: lots of wine) but for now I'll just update you on the progress of the planning. Here's what we've got so far:

Set a date October 18, 2014!
Book a venue
Book a caterer & finalize menu
Hire entertainment
Take engagement pictures look for a post soon (coughjuliettecough)
Buy a dress
Come up with an outfit for Derek (he is insisting on jeans but I like this or even this)
Find a job for my brother (suggestions?? We are not having ushers)
Order flowers
Order cake/cupcakes
Order wedding day shoes
Book our rentals (tables, chairs, linens, etc)
Hire photographer
Mother of the bride outfit
Mother-in-law outfit
Choose bridesmaids dresses (I am loving something like this)
Finalize guest list
Design invitations/info cards
Print invites
Mail invites
Hire officiate
Finish our wedding website click here!
Plan bachelorette party
Register (?) for gifts
Book hotel block
Order favors
Design/print programs
Paint wedding signs (I've started, but not finished yet)
Buy wedding bands (I've picked mine out, still need to shop for Derek's)
Write our vows
Get a marriage license
Plan honeymoon

Holy moly you guys, I have done a lot since the last time I posted an update! I just crossed off about 15 things. I'm so excited about our officiant - Derek's uncle will be marrying us! I have always wanted someone I know personally to be our officiant, and was leaning toward my parents' preacher, but since Derek did not know him very well I still wanted to try to find someone special to both of us: enter Uncle Neal!

I still am wanting to find something for my little brother (he's 19) to do during the ceremony. I'm sure he is pretty neutral on the subject (actually I'm pretty sure he would be content doing nothing - you know how boys are) but I still want him to feel involved. I am having him walk our mom down the aisle (ya know, since my dad will be busy keeping me calm walking me) and I'm just wondering if that is enough?

I'm also SUPER excited that we've finalized both of or bachelor/ette parties and our honeymoon. We were both lucky enough to have good, gracious friends who are letting us stay at their beach houses. Mine will be in Panama City, while Derek's is in Pensacola - don't worry we aren't one of those couples who has a joint party. We're having a quick (due to some scheduling conflicts with work) honeymoon in NOLA. I've never been as an adult before, and our cute (ancient) little hotel is right in the middle of the French Quarter. If anyone has any suggestions on some fun stuff to do, I'd love to hear it!

Friday, September 12, 2014

It's been two weeks....

Two whole weeks since I've even thought about writing a blog post. No. I take that back. I've thought about it frequently, I just haven't found the words or the time to come to this space. I miss it. I've tried my best to continue reading my favorite blogs, and that alone takes up enough time in itself. So, to ease myself back in to this little blogging world, a "currently" post of sorts (inspiration found here).

Making: I've been working on wedding d├ęcor. Wood signs, centerpieces, cake stands, and practicing my flower hair piece, etc.

Cooking: Nothing at the moment.

Drinking: Orange juice. I've been on a big orange juice binge lately, and it's weird because I used to not like it at all.

Reading: What I'm writing.

Wanting: It to be 2:30 so I can be off work!

Looking: At my computer screen. And at pictures from the triathlon I did this weekend. (SOOOO much fun!)

Wasting: Nothing?

Wishing: I had a billion dollars. And sometimes I wish I had a fairy godmother to come plan this wedding for me, but most of the time I have fun doing it.

Enjoying: The book I'm reading. Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. Pretty good so far, but I just started it last night.

Waiting: Patiently waiting for my wedding day to get here. I can't wait to be married (36 days)!

Liking: The fact that we have "casual/game day Friday." I know most people consider people in my profession "lucky" because we get to wear scrubs (aka the most comfortable uniform ever) to work every day. But sometimes I want to wear real clothes dang it! Thankfully on Fridays I get to do that. Unless you count last week where I wore my game day clothes on Thursday because I woke up honestly thinking it was Friday.

Wondering: many things.

Loving: Life.

Hoping: That I can get through this work day without a major crisis.

Marveling: at the sunrise, which I'm currently looking at right now.

Needing: Some coffee. I quit coffee about 3 weeks ago, but sometimes the craving hits hard. Like on mornings when I have to be at work at 6 a.m. and can't go to the gym before.

Smelling: My soap.

Wearing: Auburn jersey. Khaki slacks. Old Navy sandals.

Knowing: That today is FRIDAY and I'm going to have an awesome weekend.

Feeling: A little tired.

Bookmarking: potential bridesmaid dresses for my ladies.

Opening: Chick-fil-a chicken minis. I know, super healthy.

Giggling: Over my face in a few of the triathlon pictures. It seriously looks like I'm in so much pain but I was really having a great time. Promise.

Happy Friday everyone - I hope to be back some next week!