Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Today has been an awesome day for many reasons! Firstly, God woke me up this morning. I got to spend a little QT with Derek before we started our day. My job interview went great... I have a second interview with them on Wednesday, wish me luck!
I ate the lunch of champions. Peanut butter and banana on toasted wheat, one of my most favorite lunches of all time.

I went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned, and they gave my my favorite color toothbrush :).

I had a ballin' workout today: I had my best run time yet, and did some new weight lifting type exercises. I'm sure I'll feel the burn tomorrow, but it will be great. So all in all, today was just one of those all around good days that you just can't help but go to bed smiling. I hope everyone has those days all the time!