Thursday, October 4, 2012

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

- Out to eat with the boyfriend and his family for his dad's birthday, and all of the sudden, a spider decides to drop down from the ceiling...right into my lap. And I just thought it was a floaty-fuzz thing at first, so when I finally figured out what it was, I calmly said "Oh, a spider," and tried to brush it off my lap.... but I don't know where it ended up. Several workers at the restaurant noticed, but didn't say or do anything, I was a little disappointed.
- Listening to a woman in the gym talk about her *ahem* personal life on the phone while on the elliptical next to me...t.m.i., T.M.I.
- Doing a pre-employment drug screen. There's nothing like someone watching you try to pee in a cup.

- I GOT A JOB! I am the newest LPN at a health and rehabilitation center downtown. Also included in this, I get to buy new scrubs. That counts as shopping.
- My awesome boyfriend got me flowers for no reason except he loves me :).
- I got to go home and visit my family and see some good friends last weekend.
- I've lost 4 lbs and counting!
- My new glasses came in from firmoo! If you wear glasses, you must check out this site.... they have frames starting at $8 and if you're a new customer, you get your first pair free. Needless to say, I will be ordering another pair or two for back up (or because I want a different pair for every day of the week, maybe).
They're pretty awesome, especially since they were free!

"When you are discontent, you always want more, more, more. Your desire can never be satisfied. But when you practice contentment, you can say to yourself, 'Oh yes - I already have everything that I really need.'" --Dalai Lama


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