Monday, December 17, 2012

I know what you did last weekend....

What up blog world? I know, you haven't heard from me since I found out I had the flu. You probably were all sick with worry and thought I died right, but couldn't do anything about it because you didn't have my number? Its cool. I'm still kickin'. So I'll update you on my entire week instead of just the weekend.

Due to my diagnosis I had an entire five days of prescribed nothingness. So I took full advantage of that and did a lot of sleeping, COD playing, sneezing,  soup eating/slurping, cuddling, sleeping, barking like a dog coughing, and maybe I got a couple naps in. Sounds awesome right? It kinda was.... minus feeling like poo.

Monday I did a lot of sleeping. Except I wasn't Asian. And I was a lot sweatier.
Tuesday I got this bad boy. I look happy but really I was miserable. Still sick + <40 degrees = unhappy Kalyn. Oh well cause my tree is the bombdotcom.
Wednesday and Thursday aren't really worth mentioning. Nothing exciting happened. I attempted to shop but I was too sick. Scary, right?
Friday I was the "coin" that chose which truck D would buy. I chose this one, ain't she perdy?
Friday night there was a lot of this.
Saturday Derek and I ventured out to a "White Trash Christmas Bash." So I did jorts and a vest. Very festive.
Saturday, Sunday and today I was very busy being a nurse. Having a week off was nice, but I was so glad to get to work and see my residents. It was nice that they were glad to see me and have me back too.
Tonight there is some of this going on.
I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend. I am linking up with Sami @ Sami's Shenanigans and Leeann @ Join the Gossip for the Weekend Update and you should too!