Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Four eyes are better than two!

Do you wear glasses? (I do) Ever find you're self thinking, there's no point in putting on makeup since you won't be able to see it. False. Glasses can actually make eyes look smaller, so make up is important.

Actually, with glasses it's okay to do something a little bolder than you normally would. Here are some tips to wearing makeup with glasses:

ONE: Line you're eyes. This makes the eye more defined behind you're rims. This is necessary for glasses with thin or thick frames.

TWO: Define you're eyebrows. Since you're eyebrows are above the rims of your glasses they will be noticed first, and they should be at least groomed well if not defined with an eyebrow pencil.

THREE: If you have thick, or black framed glasses (like me), try to stay away from shadows that are dark. Like grey, black, or dark brown. Remember you want your eyes to stand out from your glasses. I like to wear a light gold on the lid with a light brown/bronze in the crease. These colors go good with my eye color and aren't to dark for my black frames.
For a night out, it's okay to go a little bolder, with shades like blue, purple, or green. Whatever floats your boat.

FOUR: The lighter and brighter the better. Be sure to use concealer under your eyes to cover any shadows. And maybe hit up the inner corner of your eye with a highlight shade.

FIVE: When it comes to mascara, less is more. You want just enough to make your lashes visible, but not too much to make them seem clumpy, and of course you don't want mascara on your lenses.

SIX: Don't forget the pout! If you're going subtle on the eye, or want to draw the attention away from your glasses, go for a bold lip color like red or fuschia.

Me sportin' my glasses on a day of errand running.

SEVEN: Lastly, wear what makes you comfortable. If you prefer no make up, rock it girl. If you prefer more makeup or darker shades, do tha dang thing. It's all about doing what you want and making yourself look best, and only you can be the judge of that!

Do you wear glasses?
Do you fix your make up the same whether you're wearing frames or contacts?