Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Okay let me just say that this is not the outfit of this day.... it's actually from last week. Today I'm rockin' some stretchy pants and JetManiac tee shirt cause I'm cool like that. And because its an off day. And because I don't like wearing real clothes unless I have to. Anywho.... leopard print. I'm in love with the stuff.

Scarf love
Equipment Ava Leopard Print Silk Shirt
Shirt via Wantering on Pinterest
 Leopard Print Trend Fall 2012 - Leopard & Neutrals - The Inspiration: Arlenis Sosa shot by Alexi Lubomirski
Okay that last one may be a little much for this girl to pull off. So now that I have admitted to you my leopard obsession, you can imagine how incredibly excited I was when I found this shirt for only five dollars at Ross.
Hellz yeah for leopard.

I added my cat-eye stunna shades for just the right amount of cattiness. Meow.
How do you feel about leopard print?