Monday, February 4, 2013

Jetskis and PJs

First of all, as you can see, I did a little bit of a blog-makeover and I love it. I have changed the look several times since I started this here blog and have felt eh, okay about all the looks I have chosen. I've always wanted something simple. I love black and white, but I didn't want it to be too boring so I added a little pop of color. Bada-bing-bada-boom, perfect! I hope you all like it cause its here to stay (for a while anyway). So my weekend:
Friday night I worked late (getting some OT in) and then joined some friends at our local hole-in-the wall bar for a beer or two and some dancing.

My tired feet after working TWO sixteen hour shifts in a row.
Saturday/Sunday D and I worked on his jet ski. For the past few days we have been de-turfing it. If you don't know what that means, consider yourself lucky. Its tough work. Basically we scraped hydro turf off his ski until our fingers bled. Literally on my part.

Just getting started with the sides.

The middle.

Derek pulling off the last piece! Still not anywhere near finishing the whole project, but that's okay. Progress!

Saturday we went out to eat at Baumhower's, our favorite wing place. Technically Derek is the only one that eats wings...I prefer the wangs (just large chicken tenders). They're definitely less messy than actual bone-in wings. My new favorite flavor is Jamaican Jerk and it is divine. Try it.

After our finger-lickin' good wings and wangs, we headed back home for a lazy evening of blogging and Call of kind of Saturday night, the kind you spend in your pajamas.

Also weird selfies of myself in said pajamas.
Sunday night I caught this beautiful moment walking in to the house.
I knew God was an Auburn fan. War Eagle.

How was your weekend?

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Abbey said...

Sounds like my kind of Saturday night! I'm not a wings fan either. Well. I'm a vegetarian. But I especially don't like wings because it creeps me out to see people eating them.


Happy Monday!

Beka Dillon said...

I love your blog layout! It is simple but oh so cute! sounds like you had quite the dynamic weekend!:) just stopping by from the weekend update link. Can't wait to here about life as you pretend to know it!

Amber Talmage said...

First time here from the link up! But you blog re-do looks great! I love it with the yellow and the arrows! Very cute!
I agree with you on traditional wings, way to messy! I always get boneless, and honey BBQ. Try that flavor one day its the best! :)

Kalyn V said...

I'm a big fan of honey bbq too! Traditionally I usually get Buffalo itching I like switching it up every now and then.

Kalyn V said...

It took a lot of toying with html to finally get the look I wanted but at least I can say I did it myself!

Thanks for stopping by!

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