Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love at first sight?

Today I'm going to tell you a story. The boy-meets-girl kind. You've been warned.

The first time Derek and I ever layed eyes on each other was the night before the Alpha Psi Rodeo, 2011. He and his roommate were hosting a "white trash bash." (This is where you dress up in the trashiest, redneck clothes you can find and partake in some adult beverages) The only problem was... I had a paper due at midnight.

So I brought my books and computer all the way to Auburn with the folks I rode with, and had them call these people (Derek) to make sure they had wifi and a printer. Derek tells me now that he thought his friends were kidding. But out I stepped of the truck, fully decked out in my trashy walmart "lingerie" top, cut off shorts, and blue eye shadow... carrying books and a computer. I was pointed out to the owner of the house, who whispered to our friends "Dude I thought you were kidding" and then led me to a quiet room where Loser-Face-McNerd could do homework in the middle of a party. At least I was being responsible, right? (Later Derek tells me that he thought I was kind of weird for actually  bringing books and a computer to a party. Like, why wouldn't I just stay home...? Because I wanted to party afterward, duh)

The next day was the rodeo. We got there separately, but when I saw him (shirtless) I remember thinking how incredibly hott he was, even if he was bald. We hung out a lot that day and there was definitely a "connection." He asked me to hang out after the rodeo but we got separated and I ended up not talking to him again for a while, since he lived in Auburn and me in Troy and we never exchanged numbers.(Later, Derek tells me that he really did have a thing for me and he was disappointed I didn't come hang out after the rodeo because he was going to ask me on a date then.)
Weren't we adorbs already?
Getting our luau on shortly after we met.

He never asked me on that date, but his friend did. Derek told me after we started dating that he felt I was off limits because of that. Thankfully, it didn't work out between that guy and myself. But then igotbackwithanexandidon'twanttotalkaboutit and we didn't hang out for a while. But everything happens for a reason. At that point in my life I was not ready for this kind of relationship and we probably would have ended up being just a short fling. We did, however become good buddies, seeing each other on occasion and having a good time when we did.

One day I'll add a part two to this story, because I just know you're all dying to find out more, amiright?

How did you and your boyfriend/fiancé/husband meet?

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