Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That one time we snuck out

Random Wednesday #1:

So this one time, when I was about 14, my cousin (whom I was staying with at the time) decided it would be fun to "sneak out" to meet up with one of her friends. Don't get any ideas (Mom, i'm talkin' to you) was a meet up to get a couple 4x6 pictures her friend printed out for her.

Why, you ask, did we need to sneak out to get some printed pictures when we would be seeing said friends the next day at school? I guess because they were our neighbors through the woods and because 14 year old girls think sneaking out is fun and exciting. So we made a plan. At midnight onthedot we would meet our friends in the clearing in the back of my cousins property right at the wood-line.

We "went to bed" at our usual time, as not to "look suspicious" to the parentals. Turned the lights off. And waited. At precisely 11:50 we slipped our shoes, grabbed our flash lights, and slipped out the back door. So sneaky! As we walked across her never ending yard to the woods in silence, this "feeling" came over us and we looked at each other at the same time and broke out into a sprint to the wood line where it was safe to use our flash lights. (We didn't want to risk using them in the yard, incase our parents saw out the window). And waited some more while having and extreme case of the giggles. You know the ones where you don't have to say anything, but everything is funny? Yeah those.

Finally our friends showed up, we swapped goods, made small talk about having school the next day, and high tailed it back to the house. All without getting caught. What bad asses we were.

Did you ever sneak out as a teenager?


Abbey said...

haha love it. I never snuck out, mostly because I was a teen who read books, not a teen with friends who did things. so if I had snuck out, it probably would have been similar to your experience :)

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

Cute blog! your newest follower :-)

steve said...

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