Monday, February 25, 2013

The opposite of a shenanigan

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend gettin' into all kinds of shenanigans, while this girl was in bed by 10pm every night. Holla!

Friday I was supposed to have a lunch date/shopping day with a friend of mine but she had to take a rain check, so I went alone. Which wasn't bad. I actually prefer to shop alone... that way I can take my time trying everything on and whatnot. I finally got around to getting some new jeans since I (accidentally) all but two pairs of mine away last summer.

I also stopped by my favorite thrift store to peek around. Now, I don't go to thrift stores for clothes (I never seem to have any luck finding cute things) I go for the books. They've got hundreds and hundreds of books, usually for less than $1 a piece.
Only 50 cents each!
I've already started Little Altars Everywhere, which was written by Rebecca Wells before The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood so I feel like I will like it a lot since I looooved TDSYYS (book and movie). 

I got home from shopping and did some experimental baking... and it turned out great, in my opinion.
Oh Chiquita bananas, you make me smile.
Stay tuned for a recipe post sometime in the near future.

Friday night I slipped into my jammies around 8 pm and (you guessed it) played COD with Derek until bed time.

Saturday consisted of mostly work along with going to eat at our favorite wing place where I attempted to take a picture of my food and got a "talkin' to" about how ridiculous I looked doing it. Way to kill my dreams, babe. 'Preciate it.

Sunday was the same minus the wings and plus an extra hour in bed and painting my fingernails.
My fave polish.
 Whoop whoop for lame weekends! Don't worry, next weekend will be more exciting. Promise.


Brittany said...

I always forget about cheap books at the thrift store. good idea!

Kalyn V said...

I know, I love it! And if you end up not liking one, its not like you spent $20 on it.

Sami said...

Hey shenanigans don't have to be crazy! Mine was far from crazy haha. Early bedtimes mean lots of sleep and I'm always okay with that! Oh and LOVE EMily Giffin books :) Thanks for linking up!

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