Monday, March 4, 2013

Grown Up Shenanigans

Happy Monday fellow blog lovers! This weekend was fantabulous in that I didn't have to work, except Friday, but that's okay.

Friday night we headed back to good ole Lake Martin for the third round of Kowaliga Idol to support our good friend Wes. It was a smaller group of us than last time but a good time was still had. Unfortunately Wes didn't make it to the fourth and final round, but he did so good. There was a lot of great competition.

Saturday Derek and I left the freezing lake house and took the long way home to go ....(wait for it)....... HOUSE HUNTING. Yes that is correct, we are finally taking a big grown up step and are going to buy a day. We found a few just driving around that we liked, but didn't stop at any of them. Obviously we aren't going to be doing any purchasing at the moment since we aren't officially hitched yet. But it's lot's of fun to look.

Whilst driving around, we saw one of our good friends who then invited us to dinner at their house. Dinner turned into drinks which turned into a great night around a bonfire with some great friends.

Sunday was a lazy day spent lounging around the house keeping our toesies toasty with a fire. I finished up reading Little Altars Everywhere and was thoroughly impressed.

I really love the style of writing in this book and  The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. Where in TDSYYS Wells focuses on Sidda and Vivi both as children and adults, Altars has stories from points of view from all of the children, Vivi, Shep, and even some stories from Willeta and Chaney. these stories are mainly all when the children are growing up, except the last few which has a story from each child, Vivi and Shep in the present, reflecting back on their lives. If you've only ever seen the movie, I recommend reading both of these books since the movie takes stories and situations from both. They're both relatively short and written in a way that is so easy to read.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend, and an even better Monday. Don't forget to link up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!