Monday, March 18, 2013

Honduras Part II

Travel Tuesday Week 2
Read Part 1 here.

Last week I told you all about when I went to Honduras to save lives. Read about it here. The last two days of the trip was the "vacation" portion. We stuffed too many people this teeeeny tiny van and rode through the windy mountain roads (talk about nervous) to Copán, which is a "touristy" town about two hours away from San Pedro Sula. Now I'm going to show you a plethora of pictures.

You can't really tell, but there's four rows with three people (12) then there were three of us in the front seat, that's 15 people along with 15 suitcases, bags, and everything else in one tiny van.
These little taxi things were everywhere, I was too scared to ride one though
The inside courtyard of our hotel. It was soo nice.
Our whole group out to eat.
My roommates for the night.
Average size guy on a tiny horse.

Going up the mountainside on horseback. One of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.
Some of the most gorgeous scenery I've ever seen. These pictures do no justice.
The school house for the village at the top of the mountains.
With some of the children from the village.
Me and Thomas, one of my good friends, on top of the mountain.
Making scarves.
Getting ready to head back down the mountain.
The view from the roof top of our hotel. Such a pretty place. I absolutely cannot wait until I can go back again.
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Helene said...

oh this is so neat! y'all really did pack a bunch of people into that car!! i love all the greenery, so lush!

Beth Boone said...

This sounds like such an awesome experience! You make me wanna go there.
Found you from the link up :)

The Unreal Life said...

this is beautiful! jumping over from the link up =)

Jess said...

So weird- I swear I have an almost identical photo to your last photo, except mine was taken in Nicaragua! Same pink flowers & similar rooftops though.

Love the picture on horseback. I rode a horse for the first time in Costa Rica, and I love the pictures of it, but it was so terrifying for me going up and down the huge hills! Granted I am a big huge wuss ;)

My Travel Tuesday Post

Christelle said...

Wow, Honduras is beautiful! Love your pictures! I at first thought the tiny van you were referring to in picture one was the taxi in picture two...WHOA! Haha!

Morgan said...

I don't know how you rode up the mountain on a horse! Scary!! But Honduras is beautiful, I wish I had gone with you!

Kalyn V said...

Ha! I feel like the van wasn't much bigger than the taxi after the ride... lets just say we all were really close by the end of the trip. Thanks for stopping by!

Kalyn V said...

Nicaragua and Honduras border each other! And I've ridden horses since I was small, but going up on a mountainside was a completely different story, haha. A couple of times we got too close to the edge of the path which was not much fun! Thanks for stopping by!

Kalyn V said...

I plan on going again after I'm done with school, definitely come then!

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