Friday, March 15, 2013

Its Friday, you know what that means.

Technically this is "back that azz up Friday" with Whitney but sometimes, instead of backin' it I like to shake it. And I'm not the only one that likes to shake things up every now and then:
I can Shake My Booty for KC and the Sunshine Band
But Nelly likes it when I Shake My Tailfeather
And the Ying Yang Twins prefer you to Shake It like a Salt Shaker.
If you're listening to OutKast, they will tell you to Shake It like a Polaroid Picture...

Which is fine, only if I'm not busy Shaking it for Luke Bryan.

And the song that inspired this "Shaking It" version of Back That Azz Up Friday:

(Sorry couldn't get Grooveshark to work)
Happy Weekend everyone!


Sara Elizabeth said...

you're awesome and so is this song.

Kalyn V said...

I know I totally turn in to the girl yelling OHMAHGAHD I LOOOOVE THIS SONG when it comes on and immediately proceeding to drop it like its hawt.

And you're awesome too ma'am!