Thursday, March 28, 2013

Summerland: Book Review

Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand
"Summerland is as readable as any beach book, but with a much bigger heart." --Boston Globe
When I saw this new release in B&N I knew I just had to have it. My first Hilderbrand novel was Barefoot, which is the book that made me fall in love with E.H. and Nantucket (you can love a place you've never been, right?). Since then, I've picked up just about every E.H. novel that has been published, and loved them all.
Summerland begins on graduation night with Penny, who is a Junior at Nantucket High, singing the national anthem. Her twin brother Hobson (or Hobby), her mother Zoe, and her boyfriend Jake all watch from the stadium seats. Penny has the voice of an angel, no one else would sing the National Anthem but her. However, this time is her last time. Later that night there is a terrible accident that takes Penny's life and leaves Hobby in a coma. Jake and the other passenger, Demeter, walk away unharmed.
The book follows the lives of Zoe, Demeter, Jake, and their parents as they recover from this tragedy. The book is alternately narrated by each of them, along with "Nantucket" as a whole. As the summer months unfold, secrets are revealed about the survivors and their families; and piece by piece, we are able to solve the mystery surrounding the accident on Graduation night.
This book is one where you can let your mind "escape" and still enjoy the story along the way. E.H.'s style of writing is captivating as it is breath taking. I highly recommend this book for a good summer read on the beach.
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