Thursday, April 4, 2013

100th Post!

You guys, THIS IS MY 100TH BLOG POST. How exciting is that? Pretty exciting if you ask me. Little did I know that starting this lil' ole blog would bring me so much happiness!

This is my excited face. Because I'm excited.

Today, I decided to play a fun game...Never Have I Ever. You know the one I'm talking about. The one we have a love/hate relationship with. The one I always lose at. The one that you never play with a new boyfriend because it will probably scare them away. Here we go:

Never have I ever...

...liked chocolate. This was part of my "two truths and a lie" a while back. Sorry, but I don't like chocolate unless it's wrapped around some sugary pb (aka a reeses cup). No chocolate cake, cookies, syrup, or milkshakes. I will eat a brownie though. Am I weird?

...watched Pretty Little Liars or "PLL" as it's commonly referred to. I was never a big TV watcher and by the time I heard about it, it was too late and I didn't have time to go back and watch several seasons.

...worn contacts. Until today. That's right I finally decided to kick my good ole glasses to the curb.

...drank red wine and liked it. Moscato? Yes. Pinot Grigio? Yes. White Zinfandel? Please and thank you.

...really liked the color pink. I have always been a "tomboy" as my mom calls it. Playin' sports, climbin' trees, and not wearing pink while I'm at it.

...been to Europe. This is something I would love to do. I don't care where. Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland, any one of those would do. Or all of them. I've done the tropical, I'm ready for something new.

...met another blogger in real life (that I didn't already know before I started blogging). Maybe this will change one day.

...been north of the Mason/Dixon line. I know this sounds so Southern of me, but really it's just that I'm not well traveled. And I don't like being cold.

...Owned a home. Hopefully that will be changing soon. Derek and I are still in the "browsing" process, but hopefully we will be in the actual "looking" process soon.

Now go link up your never have I evers here so I can read all about them! TTFN

Never Have I Ever


Teresa said...

looks like we have a few in common! I read the first Pretty Little Liars book, but I didn't really like it (sorry not sorry) and I've never watched the show either. congratulations on your 100th post! (:

Brittany said...

I'm not a big chocolate fan either. but I do make some exceptions :)

I am hate red wine. Yuck but I found one that stole my taste buds. Roscato. It is soooo good. It is sweet tasting and sparkling. Try it.

Rachel said...

I can't believe you don't like chocolate! You can send yours to me anytime :) haha

Sharlee said...

I don't like to be cold either, but I live in Idaho. LOVE the South, though. And I've never met another blogger in real life either, and I wonder what that would be like. Would it be awkward? Cool? Fun? Would you constantly refer to things you the other person wrote about or would you talk in the present? :) Definitely got me on the chocolate, though.

Becky said...

Ones we have in common: Don't watch PPL, havne't been to Europe yet, or met another blogger in real life. If you ever come to the nation's capital we could totally cross that one off the list :P I am taking a wine class this semester and have learned to like red wine a lot better!

Nadine said...

Come visit the north! I promise we are friendly and it gets super hot here in the summer too. I loved reading your list. Thanks for linking up!

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