Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear blog, you are growing every day with new followers and readers. I am trying to pay you the attention you deserve, but sometimes it is hard. Sometimes there are more important things than blogging going on in my world. But I am trying. I hope you can see that.

Dear Rain, please go away! Yesterday it was 85 degrees and (mostly) sunny, but I had a lot of errands to run. Now today when I don't have anything to do, its going to rain all day!

Dear Readers, thank you, THANK YOU for reading and following this lil' ole blog here. I know my followers are still only in the double digits, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever even think I would have more than four. Your comments and emails make me smile big smiles.

Dear Boston, my heart aches for you. It is hard to believe that such evil and maliciousness can exist in such a wonderful world. Who would want to hurt athletes? People that trained for months and months just to be able to cross the finish line? Sometimes it is still hard for me to wrap my "glass half full" mind around it. What we have to remember is that even though there is evil and wrong-doers everywhere, the good, and the loving outnumber them tremendously. The city of Boston and all of those affected by Monday's tragedy remain in my heart and in my prayers.

Dear self, the post you read yesterday is still weighing on your mind. You want to be the most Godly woman you can be, but it is hard. But was anything great and wonderful ever achieved without putting forth the effort? No. It takes practice, patience, but I know you can do it.

Dear Mo, you are so brave. I know your time will come. And when it does we will cry and laugh and sing together, because you of all people deserve to get everything you want.

Dear Derek, you are my favorite. Every day with you is a blessing and I thank God for you on the reg. I know sometimes we have some disagreements, but know at the end of the day you are the one that makes the next one worth waking up for. I love you.

Dear New Books, I am so excited to read you! I already have way to many books on my hands that are in the "to-read" category, but that's okay. There's nothing wrong that.

Dear school, I know I still have more than a month until you are supposed to start and I should really be enjoying this stress free kind of life I'm living right now... but I am ready to start. I am so so ready to become and RN I can taste it. So please hurry.

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Becky said...

Did you see what Stephen Colbert said on his show Tuesday Night? The people of Boston are so strong!! Have a great weekend :)

Alex[andra] said...

I may be a new reader, but I definitely enjoy your blog, so keep it up! :)

Have a great weekend!

Morgan said...

Aww Kalyn I love you so much I got to my "name" and almost cried! I know my time will come and I can't wait until we can celebrate it together!!

Tricia said...

There definitely are some things that are more important than blogging. Don't feel bad, I accidentally didn't post for a suuuuper long time and rediscovered my blog again recently. So if you go a couple of days it's totally fine.
Found you via the link-up!

Laura Darling said...

Enjoy your new books! And I hope the sun comes out for you soon!

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