Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sometimes things don't go as we planned

Like yesterday... I planned to have a travel post for Travel Tuesday. I planned to go to spin class in the morning before work. I planned to be at work by 10 and leave by 12 (I volunteered to do some side work). I planned to not get sunburned. And I am, sunburned with no post yesterday. But you know what? That's okay! It's okay that I didn't go to spin class because I ran over 2 miles in 20 minutes (which is a huge deal). And it's okay that I almost ran out of gas and didn't even get to work until 11:30, because I still finished what I had to do.

I came home yesterday to realize that my post that was supposed to be scheduled, wasn't. And, yeah, I could have just hit publish, but instead I made dinner for me and D. Then we spent some QT playing COD and watching Tosh.0 and having snugs until bedtime. Which was way better than blogging if you ask me. This post doesn't really have a point to it except my my blog is getting into too much of a routine.

I started this blog on a whim, thinking "What the hell, just do it Kalyn" and I did just do it and it has been the most wonderful experience. I'm connecting with girls all over the US and some that are even a little local and that one day in the future, I might get to meet and become real life best friends with. I can use this blog as an outlet for my frustrations, as a place to document my adventures (though I don't have many), as a place to make people laugh, or as a place to just write.

What I'm trying to say here is that even when some things don't go our way, we still need take a step back and appreciate the little things. And the big things. Because even though I'm sunburnt, I still have the opportunity to lay out in the sun on an off day. And I still have the ability to come home and cook for the man I love. And I still have this lil ole blog, which is growing day by day. And for that, I have you to thank. My readers, followers, lurkers. Whoever you are, thanks for visiting my slice of interwebz today and every day. I hope everyone is having a most fabulous Wednesday!

Here's a kitten to remind you that it's hump day! Half way to the weekend!

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Heather Marie said...

I feel ya, sometimes things just don't work the way we want them to! but... thats just the way it is. Like that you keep your chin up still :)

Alex[andra] said...

It's definitely great to appreciate the little things. Like COD. Or video games in general (I'm a little bit of a nered, lol).

Also, that kitten is adorable!

Becky said...

I can totally relate to this post! Appreciating the little and big things is always nice!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

This so sounds like me. I've forgotten to hit 'publish' before on my posts so I'm extra careful to do it now.


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