Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunburnt Shenanigans

Hello and Happy Monday everyone! This weekend started off with working all day Friday, going back and forth with Derek, trying to decide how we would spend our weekend. I had casually mentioned earlier in the week I wanted to make a trip to the beach soon, before it got too hot and crowded. But we had also talked about taking the big boat out on the river. So after much debate, and trying to invite numerous friends and failing, we were up bright and early Saturday morning with one cooler, one jetski, and one sleepy Kalyn for a day trip to the beach.

At the boat ramp. It was such a gorgeous day. I wish every day was this perfect.
We had a little bit of ski trouble but after a few choice words and some QT with some silicone and a wrench, it was up and running.
Again, GORGEOUS day.
Doing his thing while I do mine.
Having strangers take your picture is the most awkward of awkward.
Even more awkward were these two couples (far right) beside us that sucked each others faces the whole time they were there. Derek got on to me for taking this picture but I reasoned that they weren't too aware of their surroundings.
This is what my feet looked like when I got home. So. Much. Pain. I have never had a sunburn this bad. What have I learned from this? Rub in sunscreen beats spray-on 100%.
Sunday, it rained and rained and rained some more. I spent the day casually napping and crying about my burned feet, while catching up on Grey's Anatomy. We ended the night going out for sushi (because we're out of groceries) and ice cream and playing COD together.
Also while looking through the memory card, I found this gem from last spring. We came back to his parents house one random evening and his dad insisted we have our picture together, because they didn't have any of us. That tan and that hair. I want them back.
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Rachel said...

Looks like fun! I'm dying to go to a beach. I ALWAYS burn my feet. I have a problem. It's the worst because it hurts when you wear shoes :(

Erin said...

Yep completely jealous!

Anonymous said...

ouch! that looks painful. slather on the aloe vera.

lucky you that you get to have fun at the beach; we just had a winter storm twice last week!

Anonymous said...

So lucky, I love jet ski's! And that sunburn? OUCH! Put some aloe on that!
Stop by some time

Leah said...

Looks like a fun weekend....except for the sunburn! ouch!

Hope it goes away soon!

Alex[andra] said...

Beautiful pictures! I've never gone jetskiing and I would love to! Looks like so much fun! Sorry about the sunburn though. Those are never fun. :(

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

Oh my you needed SPF 100!!! The water looked amazing!

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Brittany said...

The beach!!!! It looks so pretty and I am so jealous of your weather.

Adrienne @ BlackWhiteColor said...

Wow!!!!! I'm jealous on another level!!! Can we switch cities pretty please?!?!? You look soooo adorable! and your poor sunburn...eek! Def use some aloe vera on that girl! Looks like a blast!

Jennie said...

I miss the beach! your pictures look so pretty! I hate getting a sunburn! When i went to OBX last summer i got to burt i was sick most the trip!

The Unreal Life said...

sooo jealous of those beach pics!

Sami said...

OMG your poor feet! Last Summer I burned my entire body the first time I laid out for the season and I literally couldn't move without screeching in pain. It was the worst thing ever.. so I feel your pain! Glad you had fun anyways :)

Nikki said...

That sunburn looks painful! Looks like it was worth it though. I would love to escape to the beach for a day.

Night Owler said...

Please tell me you dont live like 10 minutes from the beach. Your pics so have me having major beach fever. I already had it but now it's 10 times worse. Thanks. I just may check out a beach web cam after this. :D Yea burnt feet is the worse but aloe lotion is the best. I forget who makes it. but I'd get the lotion and not the gel. plus there's one that helps you brown faster.

Night Owler said...

Forgot one thing when commenting. I'm following you now. Would love for you to follow me back. Hope to see more beach pics. :D

Kathryn said...

Stopping by from the link up. Your sunburn looks awful, ouch! Hope it heals quickly!

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