Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toes in the water

Before I get to the travel part of this Tuesday's post, I have something very important to share with you all:

It's my Birthday!
That's right, twenty-three years ago today, my mother was yelling at some nurse to "get her some drugs" and was workin' on gettin' me out of there. Okay, so I don't know if she yelled at any nurses, from what I've heard, I was a pretty pleasant baby to birth. And I don't think I gave her too many stretch marks, and I turned out alright, right Mom?
So now, my most favorite place to visit: the beach. I'm not going to get too specific, because I have been to many many beaches in my lifetime.

Growing up about an hour away from the coast had it's perks, the main one being so close to sandy white beaches. Most people I know now only go to the beach once or twice a summer and stay a week at a time. Being so close, we could go 3-4 times a week and not bat an eyelash.
Pensacola Beach, 2008.
Funny side story: I hadn't told my parents about my belly button piercing and was hiding it in the picture.

Spring Break 2009, Gulf Shores
How cool were we, taking this picture. And then double cool points for making it black and white.

Summer 2009, Gulf Shores

Pensacola Beach after the 2010 BP oil spill.

Random February trip to Panama City. Obvs we were trying to get a picture with the sunset, but it didn't turn out to well.

Trip to Pensacola Beach with my not-so-little cousins. They're from Texas so don't really get to go too often.

Morgan's Bachelorette party, Panama City Beach 2011

My first and last real spring break experience, Pensacola Beach 2012

Now, living in Montgomery, I'm at least 3 hours from any beach which makes me sad. I can't just wake up, and hop in the car for a beach day anymore. But I'm thankful we're only 3 hours away, because most people aren't, and we can make a quick weekend out of a beach trip if we wanted.
Linked up with Helene and Lisette. Cheers to wishing I was at the beach!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday!

Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing day! I found you today from your ad on Northern Belle Diaries so I popped over to say hi! I'm following you on twitter now too and I started giggling and smiling when I read your bio because you talked about liking cold beer and chilled wine...two very important things that I like as well :) Anyhow I also put your button up on my sidebar as a swap for this month...Talk to ya soon!

Helene said...

happy birthday!! so jealous you live so close to such a gorgeous beach! i love nothing more than the beach! and now 3 hours away isn't so bad!

Jess said...

Found your blog through the link up today :)

Happy happy birthday!! Haha that's too funny that you were hiding a piercing in that photo! 3 hours to nice beach is still pretty good, I`m about 20 hours to the coast ;)

My Travel Tuesday Post

Morgan said...

That picture from my bachelorette party makes me laugh everytime! Happy birthday lurver!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is fantastic. I love the "hiding the belly button ring" picture!

Tricia said...

Happy birthday! I have been blessed for 23 years. Having you in my life is wonderful

crazyperfectlife said...

Happy birthday! Found your blog through thr blog hop today! Can't wait to read more!

Come check out the half way there blog hop tomorrow!

Laura Darling said...

I live an hour or so from the beach to and I LOVE it! Although it's the New Jersey beach, so it's not nearly as pretty as yours! But it's a lot of fun!

Kalyn V said...

Oh my gosh I don't think I could make it, living that far away. I'd probably be one of those people with a "seasonal" disorder. Thanks for stopping by!

Brittany said...

Hope you had a fun birthday!! I wish I lived close to the beach, we have a ton of lakes but just not the same.

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