Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I grow up

Linking up with Whitney and Erin for a super duper fun link up titled When I grow up...! Yes I really just said super duper. No I don't take it back.

Age 10
When I grow up...
I want to be a gymnast.
I want to be a movie star. Still working on that one.
I want to marry Johnathan Taylor Thomas, Brian fron Backstreet Boys, and/or Leonardo Dicaprio. And if it can't be one of them, then I don't ever want to get married because "real" boys still have cooties.
I want to be the first woman president.
Age 16
When I grow up...
I want to join the peace corps.
I want to go to college in Hawaii or California. Somewhere far far away from South Alabama.
I want to marry Johnny Depp, and/or Heath Ledger.
I want to grow my own food and have a million rescue cats.
I want to play volleyball in college.
I want to be an English professor.
I want to move out of my parents house the minute I turn 18.
Age 23
When I grow up...
I will own a home like this
not like this
I will finish getting my RN and go on to be MSN or possibly DNP or CRNA.
I will be a mommy to many fur babies and maybe one or two real babies.
I still want to marry Johnny Depp. Or my best friend, that's totally okay too.
I want things like these
 I would wear crowns and heels everywhere I went just for fun.
I will have a million books, and read them all.
I will run a marathon (one day).
I will make my family proud.
I will travel to all the places I want to go.
I will eat good, clean food. And maybe a cookie every now and then.

And most importantly I will...

What do you want when you grow up?



Night Owler said...

Wow...there was a Brian in N-Sync. I did not know that. I always thought that was Backstreet Boys! :D Thought that was funny tho. B/c i sat here and was like Brian in N Sync. Did they have an extra guy that I didnt know about. Justin, Lance, Joey and whats his name. Was there 4 or 5?

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh I wanted to marry Jonathan Taylor Thomas soooo bad when I was younger. And girl you know we're gonna be the best CRNA's around!! :)

Brittany said...

Oh the lovely age of 10, now those are some dream guys...Leo was my main man.

I too wanted to move as far away from home as possible and I imagined for about 6 months college volleyball too-ha fun times.

Morgan said...

Haha I just realized what I typed! CRNP not CRNA...ha I was with kristen and she had just finished talking about her dad!!

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