Monday, May 6, 2013

'Dega baby

Hey guys! Remember when I told you all about my first NASCAR experience? This weekend I had my second one. And compared to this weekend, you can hardly call the Atlanta race an "experience." This weekend was the Aaron's 499, held at Talledega Super Speedway (you've all seen Talledega Nights, right?). We decided to go all out and camp this time around, from Friday until Sunday. The phrase "roughin' it" was used several times throughout the weekend. Here's a glimpse of what it was like:

1. Saturday morning it was rainy and cold. So we decided to wait it out in the truck until our friends arrived.
2. I had to buy those boots after we were there because our whole campsite was nothing but ankle deep mud!
3. Celebrating Cinco de Drinko Mayo with limearitas.
4. We saw some interesting characters, but perhaps the most interesting was this woman in a yellow string bikini with a feather hairpiece and bright green boa.
5. There's not much that can beat sitting around a campfire with cold drinks and good friends.
6. A look at the pits and some of the infield.
Despite the abnormally cold/wet weather, we were able to have a blast! We stayed (mostly) dry at our campsite, and even though the race had a huge rain delay (when we ended up leaving) I wouldn't have traded the experience. I definitely can't wait to go back. Some more pictures for your enjoyment:
Campsite on Saturday. Cold, wet, and windy.
Campsite on Sunday morning, when it was sunny and warm.
All of the cars after a restart.
Trying to stay dry during the race.
If you don't enjoy NASCAR that's okay, we cans still be friends. I used to think it was boring too. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and has a wonderful week ahead! Happy Monday!
Linking up with Sami and Sarah.


Carly @ The Pinot Project said...

I can't even imagine the crazy people watching at a Nascar event!

I am not a Nascar fan but have heard from so many people how much fun it is to go.

The Pinot Project

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

One of my BFFs is a huge NASCAR fan, her dad built some cars for Richard Petty I think. I am not a fan, but I can see how it would be a lot of fun.

I'm glad it was sunny for you a little bit!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh it looks like you guys had a FABULOUS weekend! :) Love the pictures!


Anonymous said...

I love camping! Can not wait to o this year!

Alex[andra] said...

Sorry to hear that it rained while you were camping. That's never fun! Glad it cleared it up for you though!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I've always thought going to a race would be a lot of fun! Glad you had a great weekend!

Morgan said...

I hate that it rained on y'all but it still looks like you had fun regardless! Cutie pies!

Sami said...

Oh people watching is the best part of those things! I'm not a camping girl.. especially when there is rain involved but it looks like you guys did have fun :)

Night Owler said...

I love nascar racing. I loved going to hampton. went twice. Always loved to just press zoom and hit snap and see what i see. my nascar pics were awesome and we had pit passes. that's great too. :D

Samantha (at) Life Style Love said...

Visiting from weekend shenanigans link up! Looks like a fun weekend - at least Sunday had a little sunshine :)

new follower!

Hanna said...

This just made me even more excited to go to the 600 in Charlotte in a few weekends!

We aren't camping though, but that might have to happen next year.

Maxine said...

I've thrown up Limearitas so I can't have those anymore.... le sigh. but I wish I could enjoy them by a fire!

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