Monday, May 20, 2013

Its Monday, you know what that means!

Hey there lovelies! I so love seeing new faces and there have been quite a few around these parts  over the last few weeks, so welcome to my slice of internet, I hope you stay for a while! This weekend, I was actually able to have a little fun although I can't really remember too much of what I did. I just got home after working 16 hours and my brain is having a hard time functioning at the moment. I know it went something like this:

Friday I started the day at the gym, per usual and then drove the hour to Greenville to empty my bank account on pick up my school books. But, on the bright side I got to visit with one of my favorite people in the whole world and catch up a little over lunch before we're bombarded with school. (We're both going back to school to get our RN)

(This isn't us in Greenville but this is how excited I am to get to see her every week again)
Saturday I took a half day at work, and my boss decided it would be better for me to take the whole day in exchange for working 16 hours today. You bet I jumped on that offer. Since I was off, I got to go with Derek to his company picnic at the Montgomery Zoo. Which was totally awesome. Free food + a day a the zoo + meeting my love's co-workers = a pretty great Saturday afternoon. The baby giraffe from last summer was all grown up, so this time we didn't see the point in paying money to feed them.

We still had a great time though. Some guy ended up actually sticking his hand in the Jaguar cage aaaannndd... he got bitten. Ambulances and sirens everywhere. His girlfriend/old lady was actually angry at the Zoo people for her boyfriend being stupid enough to stick his hand in a cage with a jaguar.

Saturday night we met up with some friends of ours and went to an oyster bar where I actually drank the first beer I've drank in a million years (I seriously can't remember my last one...) since I've been on this lime-a-rita kick lately. It was heavenly. We ventured downtown to a music festival along the riverwalk and ended up doing more people-watching than band-listening but had a good time despite the rain.

Sunday I worked 16 hours. The end.

Happy Monday! Be sure to link your shenanies up with Sami and Meg so I can go read about them!


Jamie Pilgrim said...

What a weekend! sounds like a ton of fun :)

Also, that jaguar story is kinda hilarious. I find it fully acceptable to laugh at people with that level of stupidity. haha!

Hope your week is just as great!

Morgan said...

Oh dear that picture! Can't wait until Thursday, not for school but to hang out with you!!!

Heather Marie said...

wow! busy weekend! I always love when there are times that i get to have free food! how fun!

Sami said...

I can't believe someone actually stuck his hand in the cage and then was surprised when he got bit! People are so dumb. That beer looks so refreshing right about now :) Looks like a great weekend!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

That is it. I have to get the lime a rita for this weekend.

heydanixo said...

Good luck with RN!
I am hoping to start this fall(:

Dana James said...

Sometimes I can tell when I'm going to have a 16 hour work day as soon as I get report. glad your weekend was otherwise good!!

Mei Diver said...

I'm crazy for zoos! I'd love to have an awesome party like that!

Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

Brittany said...

I love going to the zoo, always fun. And what a crazy sticking his hand in jaguar cage!!

Brianne Bracco said...

Found your blog through the link ups! So adorable! look forward to reading more! :)

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Looks like a fun and weekend! Happy for you to have gotten the day off!! That incident at the zoo is a riot, what a scene!