Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A post about nothing

Today I'm in such a funk... I can't think of a thing to write about. I just deleted a few sentences talking about my last day at work yesterday and how crappy it was. I wont get into details because half of the day was sad and the other half stank. Literally, smelled horrible.

And technically, it wasn't even my last day. Just my last day at my permanent full time position. As of today I only work on a PRN (as needed) basis. Which means I could be on any floor on any day (except school days) and I could work as many as 5 or as little as 0 days per week. Awesome

Speaking of school, my first day is Thursday. I was excited but now I'm just ready to get it over with. All I can think about is how much its going to suck to start studying again. And how much I despise clinical paperwork. I keep reminding myself that it's only 4 classes/3 semesters until I'm done. One year. It will fly by. And also I've got some great people supporting me.

Today my little bro and dad are coming to visit and eat dinner with me. Kev had a baseball tryout for a colleg about 30 minutes away and they're meeting up with me after. So there's that. It's not really important to share, but like I said, I'm in a funk and I have nothing to write about.

Derek got back from a business trip today and had the rest of the afternoon off so that's cool too. Except instead of spending time with me, he's napping since he got up at 3 a.m. The nerve.

Well, folks I guess that's all of the ramblins I've got for today. Happy Tuesday. It's almost Wednesday which means the week is almost half way over which means it's pretty much the weekend. That works, right?

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Nikki said...

good luck with school! you'll do great!

Sara Elizabeth said...

good luck on Thursday!!

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh clinical paperwork!!!! I hadn't even thought about that yet. UGH!!!

Dana James said...

You've been a nurse longer than I have, but I get so nervous working on different floors! Good luck with school! you'll get through it !!

crazyperfectlife said...

I just found your blog, and I love it!!

I know how you feel about not knowing what to wright about.. thats how I have been for a little while now!!

Christina said...

Just found your blog through the GCF blog hop!!
Stopping by and now following!!
Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!


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