Friday, June 7, 2013

A letter from your number one fan

I have been working on this for some amount of time now, and since my little brother just graduated high school last weekend and he'll be taking the next big step in life in just a few short months, I figured now would be as good of a time as any.


You know how much I love you, right? Do you know how proud I am of you, too? Despite the challenges you have faced, you've come out on top. You graduated! I know I have missed a lot the last five years, but know that I've never stopped cheering you on from the (figurative) sidelines. Not only did you graduate, but you got a scholarship to a great school where you'll be doing what you love, playing baseball.

I'm not here to tell you that high school years were the best years of your life and its all down hill from here. Quite the opposite. From here on out you'll have to work harder than you've ever worked in your life. You'll wake up for 5 am practices and then go to three classes. Only to go home and study for a test. You won't have mom and dad to help you anymore, you're on your own. I guess I should say, its time to step up to the real world plate, and take a swing. Who knows, maybe you'll hit a home run on your first at-bat, and finish your degree with all A's and never look back. Maybe you'll be like you're good ole sis and strike out and have to go with plan B and that's okay too. Just remember to never look back and never give up on yourself.

College is a time to let loose, have fun, do stupid things. But don't have too much fun and don't try anything too stupid. Especially if no one else is willing to do it, that's the first clue that it's a bad idea. Make new friends. Keep the old ones, but don't be afraid to branch out. Have lots of girlfriends (you know, friends that are girls) but don't have lots of girlfriends cause that sheet will definitely come back and bite you in the butt. College is a time to make mistakes, and to learn from them.

"We goin' to the ship!"

Even though college is a time to have fun and let loose, it is also a time for learning.The more you go to class, the better grades you'll make. Don't skip more than one class a semester. Sit in the front row. Ask questions when you don't know the answer. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help, whether its from the teacher, your coach, your teammate, or me (yes I do remember how to do pre-cal). Don't fear failure, because it will come at some point. Whether on the field or in the classroom. Always keep your chin up and vow to do better next time.

Mostly, remember who you are. You've got a good head on your shoulders (probably a better one than I did at 17) and you've got an excellent support system. Family and friends that love you more than you know. Anyone is only a phone call away, and I can be by your side in less than an hour if you need.

Circa 2010

"If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I've had them; everybody's had them. But obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or walk around it" --Michael Jordan

I love you, little brother.

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Tami said...

This is too freaking cute and so are you in all those pictures. Love the one with dark hair!

Morgan said...

This is so sweet!

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

Love it! (also love your song choice.)

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

This is SOOOO SWEET I have a toothache now. I hope he reads this!

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