Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Doesn't it feel good just to say that... the weekend is almost here and its time to relax. NOT. For this girl, Friday means pulling a night shift tonight, after working all day on homework, working on a project tomorrow with my awesome group partner, driving to visit my Dad for fathers day/his birthday, working Sunday, and hopefully squeezing in a few hours of sleep.

Whew I'm tired just typing all of that. So on to the point of this post... my favorite things about this week:

Favorite Song

Just Give Me a Reason - Pink ft. Nate Ruess
I've always been a big P!ink fan and ever since the Fun. song We are Young came out last summer, I've pretty much been obsessed with Nate Reuss (I mean, have you seen him?). I also really like the lyrics.
Favorite Moment
I made a B on my second test of the semester (technically third, but I don't count the first because it wasn't a "theory" test). I didn't do too hot on the first one because I didn't study like I know I should have. So seeing that grad yesterday really made me proud of myself, and proved that hard work (and studying!) does pay off.
Favorite Blog Posts
This letter I wrote to my little brother (technically I wrote this last week, but I don't care, I do what I want). I have read it so many times since writing it and can't help but wish someone would have told me the things I'm telling him.. which is one of the main reasons I wrote it. He shot me a quick text that day telling me how much he loved it (and me) and he plans on saving it so he can read it often.
A post about debt that Erin from Love, Fun, and Football wrote from the hilarious point of view of "Sallie and Perkins." Debt is a serious issue, and we should treat it as such. She offered some really helpful hints that her and her husband Sallie and Perkins have begun to implement to bring themselves out of debt. 
Favorite Find
This necklace from Rad Market. Nadine from Back East Blonde recently featured one of their necklaces on her blog, and I promptly proceeded to head over to their page to drool over everything.

Aaaannnd now its time for me to back mah azz up!
Wasted (feat. Plies) by Gucci Mane on Grooveshark
Songs from 08/09 always bring back the best college memories.
 What are your favorite things from this week (or whenever)? Link up with Lindsey!
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Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

Uh, I need that necklace ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that necklace!
I have loved Pink for sooo long too! And I adore that song! Niiiice choices! Love them all!
Happy weekend!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I loved Sallie & Perkins too!

brooke lyn said...

that debt post was spot on !

Lindsey B said...

That is such a sweet letter to your brother!! He's so lucky to have a big sister like you. On a random note, B's proposal started the exact same way. Haha! "You know I love you, right?" I don't remember anything else after that.

Have a great weekend and thanks for linking for Friday Favorites!

KateAdam Florken said...

That necklace is adorable. So... I totally caved and check out their site. It's now on my bookmarks. So when I'm broke and unable to launch my own blog on 8.1.13, I'm coming back to blame you! :)

Ps. I'm Kate. I'm a member of the "florkens" -- check us out on 8.1.13

♥ Sophia Peony said...

That song is quite amazing...first time hearing it but something that writes my heart in the lyrics!

That necklace is adorbs!

<3 Love,
Sophia P.

Kaylin said...

loving that arrow necklace- has way more detail than most :)

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