Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There's just something about a good list

The other day was the first official day of summer. It always seems really late to me, because here in Alabama summer-ish weather usually rolls in around April (I say usually because it decided to skip this year and we had winter until May). So I figured now was a good time as ever to make a summertime "to do" list. I've already got some big goals mapped out with a longer timeline, but for now I'm focusing on some short term, fun things.

1. Go to the beach as much as possible.
Growing up a hop, skip, and a jump from the gorgeous Gulf Coast spoiled me big time. These past few years have really made me sad with the lack of beach trips, so I plan on going this summer at least a few more times if not to meet Tami then just to warm my buns laying on the sand.
2. Eat my weight in seafood shrimp.
I could literally eat shrimp until my stomach exploded. There's just something about a pound of perfectly seasoned, peel em and eat em shrimp in front of me that screams summertime. Now my mouth is watering.
3. Keep working on my bikini bod.
I've worked so hard over the past 9ish months to get my body looking and feeling the way I like it to: healthy. Sure I slip up and eat a pound piece of key lime pie every now and then. But life isn't about being perfect. Since I have a sprint tri coming up in September, I plan on doing a lot of biking and swimming to prepare for it. This is another reason why its necessary for my to go to the beach, the triathlon is in Gulf Shores and the swim portion will be in the ocean. And they say practice makes perfect.
4. Keep ballin' out in school.
So far I have a "B" average in my class, which if you're familiar with nursing school at all, is really freaking awesome. The tests are so hard and grueling that I always feel like I need a nap immediately after. Or a margarita. Both would be nice. Being in school and working as a nurse at the same time is mentally and physically exhausting, but I'm proud of myself for maintaining the good grades it will take to get into grad school when I finish this round.
What are your summer plans and goals?
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KateAdam Florken said...

I'm sitting for the Arkansas Bar Exam this summer so my list go something like this:
1) Study
2) Study
3) Try not to slit my wrists
4) Study
5) Plan something fun for NEXT Summer!

Oh yeah... AND launch our blog the day AFTER the exam! (8.1.13)

-Kate (theflorkens.com)

Cotton and Boots said...

First of all, seeing the Gulf Coast made my heart skip a beat, even if I'm not an ocean fan. I miss Gulf Shoes/OBA area!

Secondly, my mouth started watering when I saw that seafood. To die for! The mountains aren't really seafood savy places, and it makes me wary. What I'd do for some fresh seafood!

You'll rock this summer grades and body wise. Woop!

Rachel said...

Yummmm shrimp!

Alex[andra] said...

I was totally working on my bikini bod goals, until the moment the weather warmed up. I just can't seem to say no to having a beer on the patio. Followed by nachos. And wings...

Congrats on doing so well in school! You can definitely keep it up!

brooke lyn said...

it's raining in portland today, would you mind sending the summer weather my way please?!

Anonymous said...

Great list! Getting in shape is def top on my list!


I'd love to live that close to the beach. I'd be there daily and all day long if I could and I'd love to eat my weight in shrimp. that's 140 lbs of shrimp LOL


Jenni@FlyingOnARainbow said...

Great list! I wish I lived closer to the beach, that would be my dream.

I think my summer is going to consist of being in complete denial about the milestone birthday I'm going to be having...!

Tami said...

PLEASEEEE please please come visit me down here! Seriously next time you're down this way give me a shout and we can have a beachy margarita-y talk about all things triathlon-y day! Needs to happen.

Kayla0687 said...

I'm also studying to be a nurse. I'm not in the program yet just doing pre-reqs before applying. This summer I didn't have any classes that i needed to take, so therefore its a summer of adventures! :) I'm pretty excited about it!

Kaeley Mull said...

Yum. That shrimp pic made my mouth water!

My summer goals include:
1. Get up to Seattle for a weekend.
2. Go camping at least once *preferably twice*
3. Get a tan
4. Read at least one book

Jackie said...

Not gonna lie, totally drank my way through a lot of nursing school. Because when I wasn't studying or in class, I felt it was my obligation to make up for lost time. haha. Also- a B is freaking fantastic, good job girl!

Anna Sinclair said...

Congrats on rockin' it in nursing school - that is not an easy task! Enjoy that margarita every once in awhile for sure! :)

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