Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dating Disaster

Okay I'm definitely not the smartest gal on the block because somehow I misunderstood this link up and thought it was next week. Whoops. My mom always told me to always arrive a few minutes late to the party (but not an hour like Erin's rude date) so you can make an entrance.

Once upon a time there was this guy, Chris, who really really liked me. How do I know this? He told me so, on multiple occasions. My response was always something along the lines of "Hahahahaha Chris you are SO funny!" then immediately find someone/something else to occupy my time. Well somehow Chris got my number (I'm blaming another male friend) and started to text me.

Him: "Wut r u up 2?" Why are you texting me like that? It's really not that hard to spell things out.
Me: "At my house, studying" maybe he'll be cordial enough to leave me alone
Him: "Need a stdy bddy?" Seriously, quit abbreviating stupid words.
Me: "Ha no thanks, pretty busy."
Him: "Ok wanna hang out ltr?" What, no!?
Me: "I'm probably going to be busy all night with this school work, sorry."

It went on like that several nights a week. Finally I caved, said yes because he offered to take me to hibachi because who doesn't like hibachi? We went, and there were only two other people at the WHOLE table. We watched the show, oohed and aaahed and clapped but when it came time to catch the shrimp, Chris refused. He down right pitched a fit about catching the dang shrimp. He said it was childish and stupid. That's when I turned my attention to my Miller Light and the woman and young son (who's birthday it was) sharing the table with us.

The rest of the night consisted of me mostly chatting with this woman, occasionally "mmmhm-ing" when chris spoke to me. (He was asking a lot of personal questions like what kinds of grades I made in high school and how old my brother was.) One hour and four Miller Lite's later, we finally head home. The good news is he paid for the date and opened the truck door for me to get in when we left. When he dropped me off, he asked "So I'm probably not going to get a second date, right?" Good boy. I told him, sorry, but no.

The worst part of it all was that the next time we were around each other, in a group of mutual friends. He was so mean to me. Like rude to the point of making me cry. At that point, I embarrased him (and myself) by calling him out telling him that just because I turned him down, doesn't give him the right to treat me like crap.

And that, is the worst date I've ever been on.

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Alex[andra] said...

I'll catch the shrimp! Wow, not cool that he acted like a jerk after you shot him down. I'm glad you embarrassed him though!

Anna Nordling said...

Guys turn into big babies when they get turned down. In high school I broke it off with a guy who I'd only been hanging out with for a week, and we had a class together the next semester. He was SO MEAN to me all semester long, and then later professed his love to me and told me he was mean to hide his emotions! What a moron. I'm glad you embarrassed this guy!

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Jay T said...

Well now I'm even MORE confused about hibachi. What is this catching the shrimp business??? never mind, I'll figure it out when I try hibachi.

I'm impressed that he at least opened the door for you! But come on guy, get a clue!!!

brooke lyn said...

haha man i had a coworker like that! and to make it worse he was a kid i had known since i was little, like our parents were friends... he kept asking me out and knew my schedule so finally had to say yes to dinner and it was so awkward.

Anonymous said...

What a strange guy... who doesn't love catching the shrimp?!

MacKensie said...

Ewww that guys sounds awful! Who doesn't like to catch the shrimp!?? I worked at a hibachi grill for too long and experienced quite a few of these awkward dates.. ;) Thanks for linking up!