Friday, July 19, 2013

Learning to ski

My journey with water sports began last year. I decided I wanted to learn how to ski, and Derek said, great, skiing is SO easy and you'll be awesome. My mom said, It's so much fun and SO easy, I know you'll love it. Long story short, it was not easy. Not for me anyway. I spent the majority of one long weekend trying and trying and failing to ski, meanwhile walking waddling around like a duck for a week after.

A few weeks ago, I decided to give wakeboarding a shot, thinking maybe since my legs weren't being ripped in separate directions, it would be a little easier. Wrong. So so wrong. It was 100 times harder and I was already in a bad mood so I gave up quickly.

Tuesday, Derek insisted that I give skiing another go, with a friend of his (who is a member of a ski club that just happens to own a really bad-a ski boat). So we drove over to their ski lake and watched Derek's friend jump a ramp and do other crazy things and then I gave it a go. And I stood up! My very first try. 
I like to call this one "Crouching Tiger"
I have about 100 pictures that look pretty much exactly like this one on my phone so I won't put more than this one. But I do have some vids that I think you should watch.

This is Derek's friend jumping the ramp:
He actually did land it a few times, I just didn't capture it on camera. Also I never want to try that.

Derek took one video of me (on my first run) but it's not wanting to upload so just imagine a newborn horse taking it's first steps and that's pretty much what I looked like. But hey, it floats. Derek and his friend agree that it was because I was being pulled by a better boat (Derek's isn't quite as powerful) and they say it has to be "powerful enough to be gentle." Whatever that means.

Have you ever water skied or wakeboarded? Did it come naturally for you?

 photo signurature_zpsfdb16b28.png


Morgan Rae said...

I'm going on summer number 3 of attempting to learn how to ski.. It's so pathetic! I'm horrible! I have yet to try this year though. I just figured skiing wasn't my thing.

Kaeley Mull said...

I grew up on boats - when I was really little my grandpa had one and my dad has had one for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I tried skiing a couple times and never really got the hang of it. I do wakeboard, though. I agree - it is SO hard to learn, but once you do it's so worth it!!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

I have those exact same pictures of me trying to waterski!!! I'm all hunched over, everyone was like let the boat pull you..... I sucked at it

Rachel Murphree said...

Hey, kudos to you for trying water skiing; I think you make it look good! I've never tried it and I probably would not be able to get up at all!
- Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

Mei said...

Gratz on getting up! That's so exciting!
Happy Friday!
Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

Jay T said...

Way to go!! I went wakeboarding several times liiiike ten years ago and I really liked it. You look like a pro!!

brooke lyn said...

powerful enough to be gentle. (twss) i mean.... Congrats on getting up! (twss) ok i'll stop now.

Kelly Louise said...

bravo! that is friggin ballsy. I'm nervous for you just looking at a picture of you on those. eeek
and that jump is NUTS! wow :)

Morgan said...

Ahaha this killed me!!!

Morgan said...

Yay for skiing! But I think I'll stick to riding in the boat thank you!

Anna Sinclair said...

I have been around a lot of waterskiing due to growing up around lakes & rivers, but I never tried it. Too chicken. Good for you, that's awesome!

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