Monday, July 22, 2013

Shenanigan-less Weekend

This weekend was a pretty mild one compared to recent ones. Friday, I got home from work to find Derek working on his boat project and he decided he wanted to show me these beauties he found holed up in an old jetski exhaust.
Incase you're unfamiliar with the arachnid species, those are two black widow spiders and they were HUGE.
A better picture to reference the size. I'm so so so glad I wasn't the one who found them, because I would have most definitely shat my pants. As I was taking these pictures, I hear Derek yell and I thought he had found another widow, but it was only this cute little guy:
Of course as soon as Derek handed him to me, the little booger decided to pee all over my hand. He made up for it by sitting so pretty for a picture. Okay now that I'm done grossing most of you out. That night we went for sushi and a movie date, but it turned into sushi and a redbox (if you haven't watched Argo yet, please do) which was fine by me.
Saturday, I spent 90% of the day doing this:
(10 points if you can name that book!)
And the other 10% doing some laundry and occasionally wondering out to the barn to check that Derek hadn't been bitten by any black widows.
Sunday I did some more of the above, writing a paper, putting together a presentation, and then got ready to work an evening shift to make some extra $$ as work. It started off boring but then I had an exploding ostomy bag and a code, so it definitely didn't end boring. I celebrated national ice cream day with some soft serve and lunch break in my car.
Yummay in mah tummay!
Obviously my front facing camera is not even 1/2 the quality of my actual one. Oh well.
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Brianne said...

I hate spiders so much! I probably would've cried.

Tami said...

Oh my gosh. The spiders I could stomach. The frog, NO NO NO! One of my biggest fears!

Jackie said...

oh my goodness your post gave me anxiety and it's just PHOTOS of spiders. *shudders* But the frog is so darn cute.

I believe that is one of the Fifty Shades books...however, I have never actually READ any of them...

Courtney said...

Ahhhh those are the LARGEST black widow spiders EVER!! I found a hairy tarantula in my backyard this weekend. Blah!

Kelly Louise said...

I can't even with spiders. they terrify me to my very soul. There are widows out here in CA but thankfully I have never come across one. But there are these other spiders that chase you. Legit run after you. I hate them.
At least that froggy is adorable, looks like he's smiling at you :)

Kaeley Mull said...

Please tell me this is not your first time reading these books?! If so, why did you wait so long!! :)

Sarah said...

OH MY GOSH I am itchy just thinking about those spiders. I kind of hate you for the photos. ;)

It's Fifty Shades Freed, and I only know that because it says the title up at the top of your page. ;)

Jay T said...

Black widows TERRIFY me! But that frog is pretty cute, and that ice cream looks delicious!

Steph G said...

I need a good reading day soon... and probably an ice cream cone. Thanks for the inspiration.

Amie said...

Those spiders are gross, I would have freaked out! I love relaxing days to read, and you can never go wrong with soft serve!

brooke lyn said...

holy crap i would have cried had i found those spiders. i don't do spiders or snakes.

Kim Brown said...

What the fudge- how did I miss Nat'l ice cream day?!
You dirty girl, that's one of the 50 shades of grey books (maybe the last one- I only finished the first one).

Sara Elizabeth said...

I just finished re-reading the Fifty Shades trilogy too! haha

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