Monday, July 29, 2013

The weekend before a Monday final...

....does not a good time make.

Well guys, I wish I had some fun things to report to you, but not counting a date night, the only thing this weekend consisted of was a lot of studying and almost as much complaining about said studying.

Friday night, Derek and I stayed in, he was quite tired from his second job and I worked rather late that nigh so we were both fine with it.

Saturday, I spent the majority of the day studying for my final (which is today) then Derek and I headed out to our favorite wing place for some wings and adult bevvies.
He's such an enthusiastic picture-taker.
My normal sized Miller Lite, and Derek's monstrous beer.
We ended the night watching RIPD pretty much because that was the only movie playing at a decent time that wouldn't keep us up past our bedtime. It was decently funny. I would have rather watched The Wolverine but apparently that is only for nerds.
Sunday, I spent literally the entire day studying my little patootie off. I have exactly an 80 in my class right now and I'd kill to keep a B. B's are hard to come by in nursing school, and I'm proud of mine. Also if I plan on going further (which I do) I need to have good grades.
I took to Starbucks for a change of scenery and surprisingly got a lot accomplished.
Toward the end of the night the constant studying was starting to get to me.
We'll end this post on a happy note. Happy Monday!

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The Peanut Program said...

good luck on the exam!!!

Tami said...

Good luck girlfran! You'll rock it :)

Jackie said...

Good luck with your final!! And Bs in nursing school means you are doing good! :)

Alex[andra] said...

Good luck on your final! You can do it!!

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

You're lookin' quite adorbs little lady! Good luck!

Steph G said...

Good luck on your test!!!!!!!! I used to love studying at Starbucks - I'm also a big fan of your selfies. Happy Monday!

Betty said...

Monday finals are the worst...good luck--I'm sure you'll do great!

Cotton and Boots said...

Good luck on your finals girl! They're for the birds, but I know you'll rock them.

Jay T said...

Good luck! I have friends who went to nursing school and I remember how furiously they'd study before a final...I'm sure you'll rock it! And I love your sunglasses!

brooke lyn said...

gawd, i love that you have a selfie phone now!!!! good luck on your test.

Lauren said...

Stopping by from the This Weekend I linkup! Good luck on your exam! I'm so glad I wasn't that in to social media when I was still in school or I would have failed everything!

Anonymous said...

I am currently trying to study for an exam too, and seeing as how I am on your blog right now, not doing a great job of it haha. Hope your exam went well!!

Angela said...

You are so cute! Starbucks always helps...I swear I love that place.

Victoria said...

productive weekend,at least! hope your finals go well,especially in your class with the B!

what a cute blog you have! love the name :)

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