Monday, August 26, 2013

Making progress

This weekend was nothing short of uneventful. Friday, we stayed in and watched a marathon of  The Bridge, a series on FX that we got two episodes into and then forgot about.
Saturday we slept half the day away then went to the river on the new boat, climbing rapid. If you've ever gone kayaking then you know that going down rapids can be a little scary, but going up them is a whole different story. I was worried we would get turned sideways and capsize, but thankfully we didn't.
Hashtag panorama. Hashtag nofilter.
Sunday was a lazy, do things around the house day and not much else. All weekend I exercised my arm, working on getting my range of motion back. There are so many things, having two fully functioning arms, that I take for granted. Sure there are the big things, like getting dressed and driving a car, but there are little things too:
Brushing my hair
Drying off after a shower
Washing Dishes
Typing (I can use both hands now, but if I go for too long my arm starts to hurt)
Braiding my hair
Washing my hair
(pretty much anything to do with hair)
putting makeup on
opening/closing doors
cooking dinner
...and the list goes on
Since "breaking" it, I've become pretty grateful for this ole left arm of mine. The first few days were tough but every day I'm getting stronger and able to do more things. Each day I try to do something new. Friday I could put my hair in a ponytail by myself. Saturday, I could open my car door without any pain. Sunday I could do a side braid (my arm still won't bend the right way to braid straight down the back of my head). Today will be my first day back in the gym (don't worry I'm taking it easy) so wish me luck!
 How was your weekend?
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Jackie said...

pretty panorama shot! And I had wrist surgery when I was 19 that put my left hand/arm out of commission for a week or two. It was annoying and I was never more grateful to have use of my arm afterwards.

Lindsey B said...

That picture is so pretty!!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I'm glad y'all didn't capsize because that would not have been good with your arm! Beautiful picture from the river!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

OH girl I love "the bridge". never miss an episode. Hoping your arm fully recovers and fast. I can't imagine breaking mine. You're right, we do take things for granted.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Pretty photo!

I hope you have full use of your arm back soon.

Jay T said...

"pretty much anything to do with hair." hahaha so true. And I'm curious, how did you kayak with a hurt arm?? Or was it not the kind of kayaking I'm thinking of??

Sarah said...

Bwaaahahaha, I appreciate that you wrote out "hashtag." Panorama looks stunning!

Sami said...

Oh geez.. I cannot imagine doing anything with one hand let alone working out. You go girl :)

brooke lyn said...

please tell me the manfriend has been doing your makeup!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

wow, that's a great photo!

i wish i were able to sleep the weekend days away but we're always on the go :( sometimes i feel i need an extra day to recover from a crazy weekend!

Vodka and Soda

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