Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Braids 101

If you've ever been around me for more than two consecutive days in a row then you know one thing about me: I love braids. All the braids, all the time. I really can't get enough of them. It is probably the easiest thing you can do when you want to be lazy besides a pony or top knot.
I guess it all "started" when LC (that's Lauren Conrad) did the braided bangs then BOOM braids were everywhere. Except for me it started when I learned to regular braid on my Barbies when I was six. And then continued when I learned how to french braid when I was ten. And fishtail when I was 13. Then learned that you can turn a french braid inside out and it becomes Dutch. Who knew. Confused yet? Let me give you a run down:
Pictured here is a regular braid, or plait, where I only used three strands and I only braided the hanging part.

Left: I did a half french braid across the top of my head to create a half up/half down look. I say "half" french braid because you can see I didn't combine any pieces from the back side, only the front. Middle: picture is actually a plain french braid down the back of my head but you can only see the plait at the bottom. Right: a dutch braid. Essentially a inside out french braid, and instead of starting from the back like the middle picture, I started at the top and went down the side.

Top left: french braided bangs. My favorite go-to on messy hair days to keep my hair out of my face. Top right: I was just goofing around one night and cornrowed my hair. I ended up sleeping in it and it gave me some pretty rad waves. Bottom left: bottom half of the french fishtail I wore yesterday on my bike ride. Bottom Right: back of the french fishtail. It's not the best looking because it just had a helmet on it.

Braiding tips:
-Brush your hair first, and frequently. 
-If you have very curly hair, and you aren't an experienced braider, try straightening it first too.
-Make sure your hair is clean and dry. It's not hard braiding my hair wet, but it all tends to stick together and takes a lot of patience
-Pull everything tight. This is probably the most important - a loos braid will be less braid. If that makes any sense.

How often do you braid your hair?

Remembering those who lost their lives 12 years ago today. 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i have been braiding my hair for a while now; not because of lauren conrad but because my hair was finally all one length that i could. but it's not as fancy as yours; it's just a regular braid because i don't have the dexterity or creativity to be all fancy even though i wish i was!!

Vodka and Soda

Grace Beekman said...

I tend to never wear braids, so it was fun to see all the different styles there are! I'd love to learn how to do a fishtail braid...but I swear my fingers don't twist the way you'd need them to! ;)

Danae said...

gosh I wish my hair is at such a weird length phase right now that when I do an awesome side braid half of it falls out from the other side.

Kim @ Slice of Life said...

i really wish i could braid my hair! i'm just so terrible at it! i made my friend do a fishtail braid for me every day while we were on vacation! I loved it! guess it's time to teach myself!!

Tami said...

I love these. I used to braid it all the time when it was longer but now all the short pieces fall out.

Chelsee W said...

Cute looks! I am so excited my hair is finally long enough again to braid:)

Jackie said...

I'm impressed! I can't braid well at all.

brooke lyn said...

i really need to get on your level. i can do the bands braid, but it is very hit or miss sometimes!

Britt said...

I LOVE the French bangs! I wish I could really master how to braid to the scalp. My mother never braided my hair as a kid, and I was too busy trying to do all these ridiculously elaborate styles on my dolls (I wanted to be a hairstylist) and never learned how to properly cornrow or dutch braid. I can French braid okay, and when I learned how to fishtail, I rode that out til the wheels fell off. But I just can't seem to get the hang of anything else!
Britt @ One&20

Jay T said...

The French bangs are amazing!!! I love them so much! I don't think I have enough hair near my hairline to pull it off, though. And I totally used to sleep with 4 rows of french braids in so it would be wavy the next day!!

Sara said...

I am obsessed with your French fishtail! That's amazing! How did you teach yourself - YouTube videos, or did you just mess around and come up with that? I *finally* figured out the fishtail, and I'd love to learn the French fishtail! Any suggestions?

Rachel said...

I can only do regular braids because I suck. I need to teach myself how to French braid, but I always try and fail!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I love doing a side-ish braid and pulling it into a mid/high ponytail. Soo easy & looks like you put effort into it when ya really didnt :)

Sarah said...

Damn girl, you've got skill!

Morgan said...

Braid twinsies!!

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