Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm a Numbers Person

Okay I'm admitting it, I stole this idea straight from Nadine, but I really couldn't help myself. I'm a numbers gal, numbers interest me. I like to know how many pages a book is before I buy it or how many words are in my paper before I turn it in. I need to know how many calories are in the ice cream sandwich I'm eating, not that it's going to keep me from eating it. So. My life. In numbers. Here it is.
At this moment I am 740,195,510 seconds old. Or 23 years 5 months 13 days, 1 hour, and 53 minutes.
There are 198 days, 22 hours, and 6 minutes until my next birthday.

I have read approximately 128 books in my life time.
Seven of those being the Harry Potter books. 
I have read the whole Harry Potter series beginning to end three times.
I currently have 3 books open in front of me now, strictly for homework purposes.
Average hours per week I spend studying/doing homework: ten
Wasn't kidding about the three books.

Five: the approximate number of days a week I braid my hair (there's on in it now). 
This is the third time I've cut 5+ inches off my head, for no other reason than I was bored with it.
Oh hai short hair

I have been an LPN for 396 days and will be an RN in approximately 227 days.
Number of medications I have given as a nurse: approximately 234789.
Number of medications I still treat as if they can end a persons life if given incorrectly: 234789.
I have seen three people leave this world. And three people enter it. All were beautiful and surreal experiences.

Derek told me he loved me for the first time 462 days ago.
Since then he has farted on me approximately 784 times, given me two bouquets of flowers and infinite forehead kisses.
I have had two chihuahuas, four labs, three bird dogs, and seven cats throughout my life.

Six: the number of New Girl episodes I watched in one sitting.
76: the number of times I wondered, "Self, why are you JUST NOW watching this."
Three: the number of times I have asked Derek for the Netflix password.
Three: the number of times he hasn't given it to me.

I have locked my keys in my own car at least twelve times, and successfully broke in on my own ten of those times.
I have owned three vehicles: a 1997 Chevy Blazer, a 2005 Chevy Cobalt, and a 2006 Nissan Altima, and made zero car payments.

Approximate amount of money I owe in student loans: $5,200
Number of times I've listened to Wrecking Ball today: seven. And this week: 54
Miles I've ridden my bike in the last 7 days: 26
Number of pounds I can lift with my left (broken) arm since I broke it: five
Dr. Peppers I drink per week: three
Dr. Peppers I wish I could drink per week 20
Number of times I've painted my toes since may: three

Days a week I wait until I'm already at work to finish putting on makeup: five
Average times a day I misplace my phone: five
and my keys: seven
Days since my Grandma passed away: 732
Days that I've wished I could see her again: 732
Songs that can make me cry instantly: four

It has been 385 days since I started blogging. 
I have regretted it zero times, but thought about quitting twice. 
Since then I have published 204 posts and gained over 300 followers and friends.
Number of times Derek has told me he doesn't understand blogging: 34

What does your life look like in numbers?


Breenah A said...

Love this! I think I might do one too :)

Cotton and Boots said...

I'm with you on Wrecking Ball - it's so addicting!

Love this post.

Grace Beekman said...

Oh my I am always losing my keys! That number for me may be too embarrassing to share... ;)
Such a fun post! I'm not a numbers girl but I may have to try this one out. :)


The Peanut Program said...

totally the same with wrecking ball. i just can't stop listening! this is fun- how did you come up with all those ideas?! i would never be able to get past 10.

scrapperjen said...

This is a GREAT post! Wow - my life would probably look like a terrible formula if I tried to figure it all out... :)

Amie said...

That is a lot of numbers, props to you for taking the time to figure all of those out! Glad I'm not the only one to lock myself out of my car, however, I am not trained at breaking into my car, I should learn how!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

My brain would be 1,2,3, oh look a squirrel!! Love what all the numbers represent! Such a fun post!

brooke lyn said...

pretty sure that's blogger up on your comp and not study materials ;)

Jay T said...

I really really really loved this post!! It was funny and serious and just wonderful. Please never stop blogging. Or if you do, at least email me every day. Not creepy at all.

Cece said...

I have watched the Harry Potter series 0 times. Not sure if I should publicly announce that or not for fear of being stoned! Go you for never having car payments. I'm on about year 7 of not having a car payment and loving it.

Sarah said...

I love this. I may have to steal this idea..except I may not get very far in the numbers department!

Kerri Waller said...

I'm definitely a numbers girl, too! I was just telling my husband this the other night! I can memorize numbers and find patterns that the normal person cannot do without practice. :p

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

This was awesome!! I liked the categories you picked =)

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