Friday, September 27, 2013

Its finally Friday!

TEE GEE IE EFF. I found myself thinking all day yesterday that it was Friday only to realize it wasn't and be very disappointed. I'm linking up with Lindsey to bring you a few of my favorites from the week.

Favorite Tweets

I always find myself wishing that Derek aka Patrick Dempsy could be my baby daddy too.

I'm always opening the fridge multiple times hoping there will be something new and exciting in there. I'm usually disappointed.

Seriously can't wait for her new book. I've 90% of her books and they're all AMAZING.

Favorite Blog Posts
This post by Sara about banned books week really got me thinking. I agree with her, and think it's so sad that there are such close minded people in the world that would want to take away literature. Take away people's words and stories.

Morgan wrote a hilariously true post about a day in the life of a nurse that had me dying with laughter. It really is the little things that make our day as nurses, and make all the (literal) shit we put up with completely worth it.

More favorites
Grey's Anatomy last night (don't worry I'm not about to spoil anything). I can't even deal with it. Mer and Richard. Callie and Arizona. Alex and what's her face. Christina and Owen. April and Matthew and Jackson. So. Much. Drama. And sads. And happies. Just too much.

Casual Friday/Spirit day is a new thing we got going on at work and I love it.

I love reppin my team every week and (mostly jokingly) bantering with all of my coworkers.

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday!

Royals (La Felix Remix) by Lorde on Grooveshark



Jay T said...

I didn't get teary until the very end with Mer and Richard. I'm so glad she's not in a dark and twisty place anymore.

Melissa Suggitt said...

Ah I'm obsessed with Lorde! great choice for #backthatazzup

Sarah said...

Good song for a Friday afternoon!!!! Bring on the weekend :)

brooke lyn said...

i still need to watch last night's grey's, but preferably alone, because i know i am going to cry.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I cannot understand why people would ban books, just don't read them if you don't want. I DVR'd Grey's so looking forward to watching now!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Ohhh god shannon's tweet = my dang life.

Tami said...

SO jealous of your spirit Friday! I rock a blue top with an orange necklace sometimes, close enough!

Morgan said...

Today was definitely another one of those typical nursing days! And I absolutely need ti catch up on the last TWO seasons of Grey's because I watched last night's show and had noooo clue who all those people were or anything about what was going on. I'm so behind!