Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On sponsoring another blog

 I know that the topic of paying to sponsor another blog can sometimes be a sensitive one in the land of the blogs. Some people feel that people who pay for sponsorships are just "in it for the numbers" (obviously I am not one of those people) but in this case I think it's okay that we agree to disagree. I think that sponsoring another blog is a great way to expand your readership and also create friendships. There are a few things I like to keep in mind when choosing a blog to sponsor:

1. Make sure you choose a blog that you are interested in and can connect with.
Don't choose a blog just for the amount of followers it has (yes numbers matter, but I'll get to that later). It is important to sponsor a blogger that will actually read your comments/emails/blog and respond in a meaningful and thoughtful way. One of my first sponsoring experiences involved a "big" blog and we hardly had any interaction... she only promoted my blog through twitter once, on the same day she tweeted all of her other sponsors. And I think she only commented on one of my blog posts. If you're going to be promoting a blog, shouldn't you at least get to know them a little? I think yes.

2. Numbers matter.
But it's not necessarily the amount of followers the blog has. Pay attention to the page views, if they are high on a consistent, day-to-day basis, then you know they have loyal readers that keep coming back for more. Also pay attention to the comments. A blog with consistently high commenters is a blog that has good content, that readers can connect with.

3. Know what you're paying for.
Not all bloggers offer the same benefits to the sponsoring blogs. Furthermore, not all packages on the same blog offer the same benefits. Sponsorship can offer anything from "sponsor spotlights" to twitter/facebook shout outs, high placement on link-ups, guest posts, or just having your button on the side bar. One of my first sponsoring experiences, I didn't read the descriptions carefully enough, and accidentally chose the one that didn't offer shout outs (which are important to me) and I was disappointed at first because I thought I was being cheated, when it was really my fault. You should really take the time to think about what is more important to you (shout outs vs. spotlights, etc.) and choose the blogs you sponsor from there. You don't want to waste your money on something you don't value.
There you have it guys! As I said, I've had some great and some not-so-good sponsoring experiences, with some of the not-so-good ones being my fault for not doing my research. So in conclusion, make sure you are sponsoring a blogger (1) who you connect with, (2) who has readers, not just followers, and (3) who offers the benefits and promotions you are looking for.
How do you choose blogs to sponsor?


Elizabeth at Southern Finesse said...

Great tips! I've only just started sponsorships but I'm already seeing the benefit of sponsoring bloggers you can connect with.

Jay T said...

This is great. I sponsored a couple of big blogs and felt the same way, they only commented on one of my posts and tweeted a link to my blog on the same day they tweeted several other links. It just felt fake to me. I'm not sponsoring any now or for a while (budget, ick), but I decided when I do I'll be sponsoring blogs of people I connect with and chat with on Twitter...blogs of people I want to support! Help me help you and all that.

Please continue to watch 8 episodes of Breaking Bad a day so we can talk about it. Kay thanks.

Kerri Waller said...

These are really good tips! Kinda makes me rethink it all. :)

brooke lyn said...

to do sponsorships or not that is the question i am still asking myself haha

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I have had good and bad experience too. It is such a bummer when you sponsor someone and they don't actually appear to try and connect with you. I actually had one ask me to tell her which posts to promote!! WHAT?! You can't even be bothered to read my posts and decide which one to promote.

Sarah said...

Great tips. Perhaps one day I will consider this! :)

Anna said...

Great tips. I sponsored some big ones early on too, and was disappointed. I left thinking, what did I pay for?

Nicole Shea said...

Great tips!! I'm thinking about sponsoring a few blogs for the first time but definitely nervous...might wait a little while to make sure I pick the right ones.

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