Friday, October 18, 2013

Its Friday, FRIDAY!

It's tha freakin' weekend baby I'm about to HAVE ME SOME FUN! Technically I've been off work since Wednesday afternoon, but I had class yesterday so I count it as a work day too. Today I'm off, up bright and early to head to Atlanta for the Petit Le Mans race held at Road Atlanta. 

If you don't know anything about racing, this is a 10 hour/1000 mile road-coarse race that I was just stupid enough to buy tickets for Derek's birthday. Just kidding, I'm actually pretty excited about going. I've been to a few NASCAR races since Derek and I started dating, but this isn't NASCAR and I don't get to drink beer and hang out by a camp fire but I'm still looking forward to it. Since we're leaving so early, this week's Friday Favorites is going to be short and sweet then I'll introduce you to Melissa of Making Melissa!

Favorite Tweets

Can I just do this on a daily basis though?

 If I can do any activity pants-less it gets five stars in my book.

Wine in any quantity makes regular activities so much more fun

Favorite Blog Posts
Sami's post about "the blogging conversation" really got me thinking... why do I act so ashamed of my blog? Why do I not want people I know in real life (besides my mom) to read it? I guess it goes back to that in blog world, we have a little bit of anonymity. We can talk about things openly that we normally wouldn't talk about with our IRL friends. It's a judgement free zone here, where in real life, we're afraid our friends won't "get it" or they'll think it's silly.

Favorite Video
I know you all are probably sick of so much Miley around these parts but someone posted this on facebook and I almost snorted up my morning juice watching it.

"Is that my sledgehammer??"

Now I'd love you to meet Melissa!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I'm a 23 year old true Canadian Girl. I live in Winnipeg (Go Jets Go!) which is cold and flat but I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm recently single and it's been really eye-opening! I'm learning to love myself more and more every day. I recently graduated with a degree in Marketing so that's my day job but at night I'm just trying to figure out life. I ride the struggle bus more often than not which is partially due to my having to deal with my Depression & Anxiety. I love Netflix, Wine and Harry Potter and have a slight addiction to Pinterest. I also write and I'm actually working on a few secret things I may or may not share with the public eye very soon but shhh...

Where did you get the name of your blog, Making Melissa? What made you want to start blogging?
I had a hard time picking a name for my blog because I didn't really know what defined me. That's when I realized I was still in the process of becoming who I want to be. So in a way, I'm "Making" myself everyday.

I started blogging as a way to get my thoughts down and to force myself to write every day. I really love to write but was really bad at putting aside time to do it and this was a way to keep me on track. I wanted to share my life and my experiences and hope that maybe someone else out there felt the way I did. I wrote about this in my first post.

You've lived in Winnipeg your whole life, tell us how you've grown to love it as your hometown?
 Winnipeg gets beat up a lot by other Canadian cities because of how cold and flat it is out here. Yes, it's cold, and I mean -45C on winter days cold, but it's not that bad! I grew up and hated it because it was "boring" and had such a small-town feel (seriously everyone knows each other in this city of 700,000 please tell me how that even happens?!) and I was convinced I was going to move to a bigger, better city. As I started getting older I found out that Winnipeg has its own culture and it's very much something I wanted to start being a part of. Our Arts and Theatre scene is sick guys. And we have one of the most renowned ballet companies in the world. Now I love the small-town feel because everywhere I go in the city feels like home. If you're really interested in knowing more about my city and my love for it you can check out my Winnipeg Blog.

PS. Fun Fact: Winnie the Pooh is based off a bear from Winnipeg!

What would you do with a million dollars?
 I would buy out Ikea. And Target. I would buy a house and furnish it from Ikea and Target. Also, I would buy a cabin out deep in the woods somewhere by a lake and buy ALL THE BOOKS. I love reading. Oh my god now all I want to do is go to Barnes & Noble. Kalyn popping in... now I want to go buy all the books!!

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?
I've been pretty fortunate to travel a bunch already. I would love to visit all the Scandinavian countries. Something about the North just attracts me so much. Maybe it's because I'm already used to all the snow. I would also like to visit England and research my family history and then hop a plane to Ukraine and learn about that side of my family as well. Looks like I'm going to need more than a million dollars...

Share some of your favorite posts with us!
If you would like to check out some of my popular posts then you can go here to see what Mean Girls Taught Me, then jump over here to see why I'm not hopping on the baby train anytime soon. A few weeks ago I did a whole Relationship themed week which kicked off with this post and only got crazier from there! My favorite posts to write are my dating fails because it helps me realize I need to stop dating idiots.

Find Melissa here:


Katie said...

omg just read that blogging conversation thing and my mind is blown. why AM i so ashamed of my blog? it is pretty and from the heart!


Alex[andra] said...

Have fun this weekend!

The construction workers reacting to wrecking ball is hilarious!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

NASCAR!!!! I'm doing something NASCAR related this weekend too! I've only been to one race, but boy was that some good people watching!

Anonymous said...


Jennie said...

Oh my that video! Ha!!
Thanks so much for linking up with me today! Make sure you enter to win my giveaway from Wednesday,

brooke lyn said...

there's a young lady blossoming into a woman over here! this is awesome.

Helene in Between said...

omg ashten's tweet. yes. and sami's post was spot on!

Sarah said...

That video is such a hot mess haha.

Have fun this weekend!

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