Friday, December 20, 2013

How to: Dutch-braided crown

Well guys, I made it to another round of #vloglikeaboss with Ashten, you should be proud. However, this was filmed around 9:30 last night (aka past my bedtime) so excuse me if I look a little tired. Or say things that don't make sense. Also this is my very first ever in the history of ever tutorial. I hope you like it. 

Favorite posts of the week:
Meg made a 2014 bucket list of things that scare her a little
Ashten told us about her shit
Whitney told us to be the Beyonces of our blogs
(technically that was last week but I don't care)

Speaking of Whitney, it's Friday and that means we #backthatazzup today.
I'm really tempted to put Pachelbel's Canon in D here, because I can't get enough of it recently, but I will spare you all. But then there's this and I'm sorry not sorry, I freaking love it.

Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra on Grooveshark

Apologies, but that's really all I've got for you today. It's late and I'm tired. Good day to you.


The Handey Way said...

I love braiding hair - especially when I can find a style I can do on myself!

Kelly Louise said...

i'll be trying that!!

brooke lyn said...

please come do my braid every morning

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

No joke... I've listened to Pachabel's Cannon like 5 times in the past couple of days. Have you ever heard the straight piano version? I love it! :D
I never knew there was a difference between a Dutch braid and a French braid... I think I actually like the Dutch braid better!

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