Friday, February 14, 2014

Ghosts of Valentine's Past

In honor of today's "Holiday" I thought I'd re-live a few of my more memorable Valentine's days. To be honest, Derek and I aren't really in to the whole gift exchange thing. I got him a bag of chocolate covered pecans and he got me a card with a nice poem - that he would never have said to me otherwise - now that's love.
I'm not going to lie Valentine's Day 1994-2004 (elementary and middle school) were probably some of my favorites. Those were the days when you got a "Valentine" from everyone! Every person in our class got to decorate a shoebox the day before, so that on the day of, we could walk around the classroom and put our Harry Potter Valentine cards in everyone's box. If you were really lucky, you had someone in your class who's mom was an over-achiever and made homemade brownies/cookies for everyone. Then at the end you opened all your Valentines, searching for all the candy. 

My first "real" Valentin was my Dad. He gave me Dove Chocolates and a card when I was about 14 and I was the happiest girl around. Who needed a boyfriend when you had an awesome Dad to give you candy?

The next Valentine's day (my Sophomore year of high school) I got a "few" things from my "boyfriend". I say those words in quotations because (1) I didn't know he was my boyfriend and (2) a few things was actually a lot of things. So I was stuck walking around looking like a jackass with a huge teddy bear, roses, chocolates (that I didn't like) and a balloon. A balloon filled with helium with some ridiculous lovey-dovey message on it. The worst part is that I didn't get him anything. Not even a card. Sorry if your'e reading this Jeff.

My senior year of high school had to be the worst (not really but just go with it) because my boyfriend of over a year got me a single carnation. Bought that morning for S1 from the SGA or something. I still didn't get him anything so I guess I was the real winner in that situation.

The next few years I don't really remember (or maybe I've subconsciously blocked them from memory) but there were bland dates to Olive Garden and Red Lobster thrown in here and there.

My first Valentine's day with Derek started with  me waking up late for work, yelling at Derek for something ridiculous while he was in the bathroom and storming out of the house only to find a gorgeous boquet of tulips sitting in the front seat of my car. So, feeling like the ass that I was being, I went back in with my tail between my legs to say thanks.

So... the moral of the story here is, Valentine's day (to me) is just a load of hog wash where people are supposed to get gifts for there significant others that don't really mean anything other than "I bought you this because I thought I had to." I don't "hate" Valentine's day, I just think there are better holidays out there. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. Is it Fourth of July yet?

And of course, it's Friday, and in blog land that means it's time to #backthatazzup with Whitney.

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Jay T said...

Girls who don't buy things for boyfriends for Valentine's Day UNITE!!

Whitney Alison said...

I remember one year a guy who I was dating from church showed up with 2 dozen red and white roses. At 15 it was just waaaaaaaaaay too much. We also had on matching outfits that day. Ick.

brooke lyn said...

the worst is always having to go back and say sorry for being an ass!

Helene in Between said...

agreed, july 4th is best. and also dad's are the best valentines!

Girl In Beta said...

Dads are amazing Valentines.

Chasing Elephants said...

Valentines in Elementary was friggin gold. Like I can remember being so excited to make valentines for everyone in my class. We even crafted envelopes and hung them on our desk so when it was valentines we would walk up to each desk and drop them in the envelope like it was mail. And when we got them from boys, it was the end of the world. I might have even blushed when my crush gave me one. Oh those were the days.

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

Carnations are the worst, but a single one... what the heck?! I hate when Tim out-does me on a holiday and I end up feeling like an ass... but I still accept the presents and vow to do better next time.

Amie said...

Valentine's isn't my favorite holiday either. We usually just go out to eat, and I tell my husband that if he's going to get me a gift, make sure it's something that lasts longer than flowers!

Rachel said...

The story about the "boyfriend" who got you a ton of stuff but you didn't get him anything cracked me up!! Too funny--for me, anyways. I think Valentine's is fun, mostly because I love the conversation heart version of Sweet-Tarts!

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