Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#SayYesProject: Clean Eating

Mr. Thomas and Me

So after skipping a month or two (because I didn't feel like I did anything exciting enough) I am back for the #sayyesproject with Amber from Mr. Thomas and Me. This month's say yes project isn't something I thought I'd be featuring and it's not really anything "huge" but it's something I want to talk about on this blog and hopefully get some input and advice. 

While trolling around some fitness hashtags on Instagram one day, I came across this account. When I first started stalking her looking through some of her pictures, I thought to myself, GAWD she is in great shape. I'll never look like that. Then I scrolled past her "before" pictures and I was in shock. She had gone from a size 6/8 (my size) (and she's about my height too) too this teeny tiny super fit beast of a woman. So I began reading her story and became inspired.

After reading a good bit, I learned that a huge part of her success was attributed to her diet, to "eating clean." 

Let's face it, getting in shape is hard work. I've been going to the gym 4-5 days a week for 45-60  minutes for over a year now. Have I had results? Yes. But I've hit a plateau. I've been the same weight and pants size for over seven months now and it's time for a change. Instead of looking for new work outs, I'm looking for new meals. Meals that consist of natural ingredients. Meals that don't come from a box, a can, or the microwave.

One of my all time favorite snacks - Granny Smith apples and peanut butter. Really just anything with peanut butter.

The thing about clean eating is, I absolutely love the food. Lean proteins like chicken and fish are my favorite and don't even get me started on broccoli - I could eat it every day and not get tired of it. The part I don't love about it: the price tag and the prep time. If you don't know, I'm currently working part time while going to school full time. That equals not a lot of money or time to be cooking and prepping meals every day. That means sometimes it's easier to grab a Smart One or Lean Cusine for lunch. It's easier to eat a pop tart in my car for breakfast. But being healthy isn't about doing what's easy.

A typical dinner for me and Derek (sans broccoli for him). 

One thing I do pride myself on is cooking a healthy dinner for myself and Derek on average five times a week. But is that enough? Is five "clean" meals out of twenty something enough to change my body? No. No it is not. I usually eat pretty healthy but I want to go from pretty healthy to really healthy.

Yummy green meal for me (more broccoli - I told yo I love the stuff)

But there are a few things about clean eating that scare me. Mashed cauliflowers being one of them. The lack of grilled cheese (or anything cheesy for that matter) being another. Tell me, how exactly, is one supposed to live without things like Velveeta mac and cheese? One thing I'm not going to do is give myself a hard and fast rule of "no ice cream" or something ridiculous like that because that will only make me want it more. My rules are going to be more like, "less ice cream, more strawberries" or "less grilled cheese, more zucchini" because those are the rules I think I can live with.

So starting today (actually last night because that's when I made myself breakfast) I'm saying yes. I'm going to give this whole "clean eating" thing a try. I know it will be good for me, I just also know it will be hard. It will be hours in the kitchen on a Sunday (or other off day) preparing meals for the next week. It will mean watching my friends eat a pizza while I eat a salad. It will mean days of failure and days of ginger ale and grilled cheese for dinner. I know I won't be perfect, but I'm going to try. Will you help me?


Elena's Lockets said...

I made mashed cauliflower last night! It doesn't taste like potatoes, I don't care what any of those Pinterest boards say! But, it wasn't horrible, I mixed it with my peas and got through it! I need to find something to give it more flavor... Low cal but more delicious, ya know?

Kaylee Taylor said...

Good luck eating clean! I'm slowly making the switch. Just gotta keep reminding yourself that it'll be worth the sacrifice in the end

Anonymous said...

Clean eating is so friggin hard dude. I've tried it a few times but I can't seem to stick with it.

Rachel said...

I've been thinking about giving that a try myself - the one thing I'm most worried about is the social aspect of eating/drinking that's such a big part of my life!

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

This is my biggest struggle. There are so many "unclean" things that I love that it's hard to let them all go. I think by realizing that you're not gonna never have another grilled cheese is better than completely banning yourself from it. That is where we screw up for sure!

The Handey Way said...

If that girl's IG doesn't somewhat inspire you, I don't know what will. Although I don't want to be that extreme, I'd love to be healthier. I did Beachbody's Ultimate Reset and while I was miserable on it, it definitely helped my eating patterns.

Stephanie Kirby said...

That's awesome!!! And everything looks so delicious! I've been wanting to try that too, but I'm such a picky eater. And dang that girl must LIVE at the gym!!! LOL Good luck with your clean eating!!
Stephanie @

brooke lyn said...

i like to live by a 80/20 rule. eat clean and healthy 80% of the time and let yourself have the not so healthy items every once in a while so you don't go crazy! good luck lady

Kaysie said...

I struggle so much with this. The harder I try, to more I rebel. I hate healthy food, and it takes a ton of it to make me feel as full and satisfied as Chick-fil-a. Plus, produce is expensive! Good luck on this, if you have the determination to get up at dark thirty to work out, you'll be great at this

Chantel Klassen said...

Wow, good for you! I always do the, "well, I want to eat healthier" and then "but I don't really want to invest the time and money to do so" . . . maybe one of these days.

Amber Thomas said...

Have you tried cauliflower rice? I love it. LOVE it. I hate mashed cauliflower. So, if it doesn't go with the "rice", I won't eat it... Jason on the other hand hates it. :)

I've also become obsessed with sweet potatoes. Mashing them is awesome and I've realized they are SO easy to cook in the microwave without them getting weird.

Please share some of your favorite recipes... I've been eating clean 80% of the time and "cheating" the other 20... This works better for me than doing it 100%. I was driving myself completely nuts!

Hima Rajana said...

I completely agree with you about cost and prep time. Eating clean is expensive! Blogilates has a really yummy clean cauliflower crust pizza that you can try.
I love apples and pb!

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

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