Thursday, March 6, 2014

How I keep my sanity + an Announcement

If you've been keeping up with my blog for a while now, then you know my life is crazy. I have school, work, a design businesss, a blog, and a boyfriend. All of those things combined can make for a pretty stressful and hectic life  and I've had a lot of people ask me how I keep track of everything. My first answer is as much wine as possible but there are a few other things that have helped keep me sane and semi-organized.

1. Allot a specific time for everything.
There are some days when I have literally written out a "schedule" for my day. Like 8 am - 10 am, wake up, eat and go to the gym. 11 am - 1 pm, lunch, blog reading, meal prep. 1 pm - 3 pm work on paper/project/study for test. You get it. When I do this it helps keep me on track and prevents aimless social media trolling and things like that.

2. Do one thing every day that you enjoy.

For me, it's the gym. No, I don't go every day but I go 4-5 times a week and it is my time to punish enjoy myself and not thing about school, work, Derek, or blogging. It's my time and without it I would go crazy. It can be anything from walking your dog around the neighborhood to catching up on your DVR to reading a favorite book. Anything that helps you relax, do it for 30 minutes to an hour every day.

3. Realize there will be hard days and there will be fun days.
Some weeks there are three days in a row where I am busting my ass going to work for 12 hours at a time, school, working on designs, looking at houses, and trying to feed myself and look like a decent person in between. What keeps me going on these days is knowing that I get a whole day off soon to do something fun.

4. Take an off day.

In relation to having three hard days in a row, I always try to have one day a week where I do whatever I want. This usually consists of going mountain biking with Derek, having a nice Netflix binge, or going to the movies all by my self (it's actually more fun than you think).

Drink all the wine. 

What do you do to keep yourself sane when you feel overwhelmed by life?

This post was previously featured as a guest post on Back East Blonde.


Have you ever wanted to have brunch with some of your favorite bloggers and talk about all things blogging over mimosas or coffee? Why am I even asking that, of course you have! Ashten, of Always Ashten and myself are hosting a virtual blogger hangout (also known as #happyhourhangout) this weekend, except you'll be brunching instead of happy hour-ing. The hangout will be Sunday, March 23 at 2 p.m. EST.

If you're interested in talking about all things blog related over your favorite brunch beverage, CLICK HERE and join us for tons of fun! 


Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

Not sure how far behind I am on this...but love your new blog design!

Anonymous said...

This is so great. I'm going to copy this post.

Can't wait for brunch! <3

Rachel said...

I love going to the movies by myself! Also wine and Netflix :)

Gwen said...

Enjoying a nice glass of wine and watching Netflix is nice. Yet need to start finding the gym my happy place like you do :)

Brittany said...

I have been thinking about doing the hangout. I may have to join this one :)

Kayla MKOY said...

You do lead one busy life ma'am!! I agree though, the gym is my "me time", and oddly enough, cleaning and organizing our little apartment keeps me sane and is very therapeutic!!

Whitney Alison said...

I can really get behind drink ALL the wine. Its important to do something you enjoy or that's important to you everyday. My mom makes fun of my ever changing manicure, but they make me happy!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Damn girl... I WANT YOUR LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph G said...

All the wine definitely helps. :)

Fairy Princess Jord said...

Balance is SO important and I think you nailed it. If you are going to work yourself to death three days in a row you deserve a whole day of anything and everything you want!

Ashley - Married to the Game said...

Hi Kalyn! I just came across your blog and I'm so happy to find it. I live a crazy life as well because my fiance is a professional hockey player and we are moving around nonstop. Working out is how I keep my sanity too. It's my therapy. I love what you said in your "about me" section about how if someone asked you if this is where you thought would be five years ago you would have said "hell no." I'm the same way. I look forward to following along and getting to know you better!

Rachel Murphree said...

I especially like the part about realizing that there will be good and not good days. That gets me through the bad ones, knowing that it will only be temporary. That and wine.
-Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

Anna said...

What Amanda said!!!

Amanda @ Marry Mint said...

I completely agree that you should do something you enjoy daily. It can be a small something...but that something is so very important.

Amber Thomas said...

Girl, love the new simple look. LOVE it.

This post literally feels like it just came flying out of my finger tips. It's so challenging to keep yourself balanced when life feels like there's ALL. THE. THINGS. that want your attention. Working out is absolutely my go to... As is eight hours of sleep. If I don't get it, I got nuts. Oh how I go nuts. And I have to make my bed every morning. I can't stand to get into a bed that's not made. So, take the five minutes to do it.

Tori G said...

What great tips!!

jackie jade said...

good tips - i try to keep a good balance too of doing the things i need to do and the things i want to do. i try to cut out time for myself whenever i get a chance so i don't go crazy!

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