Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Essentials

With Spring just around the corner there are a few items that I consider essential around this time of year. And I'm writing this as it's 42 and raining outside, but I'm pretending it's 75 and sunny (the best kind of weather, duh) like it was over the weekend.

Spring Essentials

A basic tee. If you were to look into my closet at any given time, you would find anywhere from 7 to 10 basic tee shirts in an assortment of colors. I actually have this exact shirt from Target and I love it. Target and Old Navy are my favorite places to get basic tees and they usually have some kind of awesome deal like 2 for $12 (which might explain why I have so many).

Bright bag. I usually am a neutral kind of girl when it comes to my purse, but I'm loving this blue cross-body by DKNY. It's the perfect color for spring but still not "too much" that it won't go with everything I wear.

Barnes and Noble Nook. If there's one thing that's essential all four seasons then this would be it. But I especially love having it in the spring when I can go sit in a chair outside and read while soaking up some sun. I like the original version because it's not touch screen, and  it doesn't have a glare outside.

Colorful rain jacket. We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but you don't have to look ugly during the "shower" portion of these events.

Camel sandals. There's nothing I love more than letting my tootsies come out to play when it gets warm enough and these sandals by ASOS are perfect for any outfit, dressy or casual.

Sunnies. Duh, the sun is out, you need sunnies. My personal favorite are mirrored aviators and I usually end up getting several $10 pair from the gas station because I either loose them, sit on them, or lose them. I've never owned a name brand pair of sunglasses and probably never will.

Spring colored nail polish. Spring means pastels and brights and what better way to showcase pretty colors than on your nails. I've recently mastered the art of finger nail painting without it chipping within an hour and I can't wait until I'm done with school and I can paint my nails regularly again.

What are your spring essentials?


Rachel said...

Amen to inexpensive sunglasses!! I've never owned a designer pair either - I like to think that if I did I would take care of them better, but I don't want to risk it!

brooke lyn said...

stripes and stripes and more stripes please.

brooke lyn said...

stripes and stripes and more stripes please.

The Handey Way said...

Cheap sunglasses and shorts for the lake. A must every time.

Night Owl said...

i can't wait for spring and summer both.

Jay T said...

I love those sunglasses and the nail polish! Essie nail polish is my favorite. Nail polish in general is kind of my favorite.

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

I'm so ready for Spring/Summer. I painted my toenails hot pink last night in hopes that it will bring sunnier weather... I know, wishful thinking =)

Harlynn said...

That jacket, those shoes, and essie nail polish are definitely a necessity!!
Lovely picks. c:


Kayla MKOY said...

Ugh I could go for all of this right now!!! I want 75 and sunshine! Gimme gimme!!

Fairy Princess Jord said...

These are the perfect perfect spring essentials! I would do anything for it to be warm enough to lay out in the sun and read right now.

Anna said...

I love that coat color!