Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Birthdays are a good excuse to talk about ourselves

You know how when you make new friends and they tell you something about themselves and then you're like OMG ME TOO and your friendship became even more awesome because now you share something really cool? Yeah. That is what happened when me and Lisa (from Two Martinis) found out we shared a birthday (it's tomorrow!). I've never shared a birthday with anyone (except Avril Lavigne, but she doesn't count because she never responded to any of my party invites) so when Lisa asked if I wanted to have a joint birthday post, I couldn't agree fast enough!

Isn't my Birthday buddy beautiful?

(I respond to Lisa in bold)

Most importantly, how old are you turning tomorrow?

Kalyn: I'll be 24!

Lisa: I'll be 28, which is like, super-close to 30. I'm officially in my late 20s! (I considered 27 to be in my late-mid 20s)
I agree. I actually thing 28 should still be considered mid-twenties!

How are you celebrating?

Kalyn: Tomorrow I actually have a clinical rotation (8 hours at a hospital) and a presentation due, but when I get home, my boyfriend and his parents are taking me out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants! 

Lisa: Well, I'm thinking I may work from home if I can get away with that. I may shower, but that's not likely. I may go to Pure Barre to get my sweat on, because no birthday is complete without a workout. Other than that, we have church group in the evening so I'm excited to have the opportunity to spend my birthday with great friends!
I've always wanted to try Pure Barre... that sounds like an awesome Birthday!

How do you WISH you were celebrating, if there were no "real life" restrictions?

Kalyn: OOhhhh that's tough... there are so many things I'd love to do. I'd really just love to get down to the beach with Derek (my boyfriend) and have a relaxing weekend where we can sleep in and be lazy and eat good food.

Lisa: I'd go running, eat frozen yogurt with all the delicious toppings, order in food to eat on the couch with all of my favorite people, cuddle with Ozzie and the Husband, and catch up on reading a great book. If I wasn't pregnant, I'd totally throw in a great martini or glass of wine, too!

What's one thing on your birthday wishlist? (Besides world peace and the actual important stuff like that.)

Kalyn: Besides everything I posted on this wishlist, I'd also love to go see Lion King on Broadway. It's coming to Atlanta later this month. I've never seen a Broadway show before and I feel like it's fate and I just have to go! 

Lisa: Gosh, I honestly don't know. My wish list is quickly just becoming a 'what I need for this baby' wish list, which isn't really the point, right?! I think a new pair of flats (or maybe seven pairs, actually) would be on my immediate wish list. And books. I could always use more books.
Books are definitely on my wishlist!

What do you think this year will have in store for you? Is there anything you're most excited about?

Kalyn: YES! I think this year will bring MANY changes. Derek and I have talked a lot about taking the next step in our relationship (just waiting on that magic question right now!) and buying our first home together this summer. It's something that I've always wanted and I just can't wait to see what's in store for us!

Lisa: I'm so excited to be 28! This year I'm going to become a mom, so that's a pretty big deal (and really, it's terrifying). My husband and I are also traveling to Europe and have plans to see family and friends at different points over the next year and we're welcoming other friends' babies into the world and basically I just anticipate lots of celebrating happy events! I'm making the transition from worker to SAHM (supposedly) so we'll see how that all works out!
We both have some exciting things coming up this year, I am so pumped for both of us!

What year/age has been your favorite so far?

Kalyn: I would have to say 22 was my favorite year... I graduated nursing school, moved to the "city" all on my own, started my blog, and just had a really good time being a "grown up" for the first time. I have high expectations for 24 though.

Lisa: I love every single year. I would say that turning 26 was amazing because that was right after we got engaged and moved in (just the two of us) together. We also got married and went on a spectacular honeymoon to Africa and Istanbul. I mean, yeah, there were some stressful times in there, but when I look back, it was truly such a special time my life.

...And which one would you want to re-live again?

Kalyn: That's tough! I don't know that I'd want to re-live any years to change anything because I am one of those people who believes everything happens for a reason and we learn and grow from all of our experiences. I WOULD go back and re-live my 20th and my 22nd birthdays though, because they were definitely the best! Oh, and my third birthday, which was Barney themed and there was a hayride and a pinata!

Lisa: Honestly... probably my post-college pre-Husband years. I was a trainwreck! I had a lot of fun. A LOT OF FUN, but I had no real direction and my life was just not where I wanted it to be. Plus I was living alone, and while it was an important learning experience for me, it just wasn't super-fun.
Those were definitely some wild years for me too... but I don't know if I'd want to re-live all the hangovers!

What are five things (not necessarily the most important) you've learned in your 20+ years of life?
1. Always stand by what you believe. You may feel alone sometimes but there aren't many things worth compromising your beliefs and values for.
2. Sometimes going commando is the right thing to do.
3. Call people by their names. It catches their attention and they'll be more attentive to what you have to say.
4. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, but that's usually something we have to find out for ourselves.
5. I'll end with one of my favorite quotes. "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are." (Sirius Black, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

1. Not all friendships are supposed to last forever.
2. Marry the nice guy. Or at least date him.
3. Don't spend too much time and energy being anxious about the future, but make sure your life is headed in the direction you want to be in.
4. Travel often.
5. Don't wear a light-colored shirt if you plan on eating Thai food that day.
I'm soooo bad about spilling things on my shirt... great advice!

If your 10-years younger self could see who you are now, what would she be most impressed or proud of?

Kalyn: I think she would be proud of my independence, the fact that I've gotten to this point in my life and still stood firm in my belief that I can do anything I put my mind to, even if it means doing it by myself. Not that I've had to do a lot of things by myself (I have a wonderful family and support system) but that I could if I needed to!

Lisa: That I managed to get married and get knocked up before 30! Actually, my 18 year old self probably expected this, but I think she'd still be relieved to know it happened. I think she'd also be impressed with me getting a 'real person' job right out of college and the amount of traveling I've done, both by myself and with loved ones. She wouldn't be at all impressed with my cooking skills. Those are still shamefully underdeveloped.

And that concludes our Blogging Birthday Extravaganza! Now I just need to make a trip to Chicago so I can finally meet Lisa!


The Handey Way said...

Happy birthday ladies! I hope y'all get everything on your wish lists!

JumpingJE said...

Happiest Early Birthday! How fun to find a blogger match!

Breenah A said...

Happy birthday you two!

brooke lyn said...

happy early birthday, lady!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

DOUBLE whammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to a couple of my favorite broads!

alyssa said...

Happy early birthday to my fellow Aries ladies! :) hope you both have beautiful days tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday!! My favorite age is 22 and I'm also waiting for the big question. It's something we talk about daily, but I am ready to stop just talking and start doing! ;)

Claire @ Refining Bliss said...

Happy birthday to both of you!!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday!!!!

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