Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Humpday confessions

So I have seen a few posts (okay a lot more than a few) floating around on Wednesdays where people link up with one of the coolest bloggers, Kathy from Vodka and Soda, and confess all the things that need confessing. It's like (Catholic) confession... but for bloggers. Or something. So here goes nothing:

Confession #1: This is a bad one, and I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right? ....  I stalk the #engaged hashtag on instagram. For some reason I can't make myself stop scrolling threw the hundreds of "he put a ring on it" and "I said yes!" posts that litter the hashtag (there are also a surprising amount of "body wrap" posts and progress pictures, but I don't get it). I don't know if it's because I'm very close to getting engaged myself or if it's because I just love reading engagement/proposal stories. We'll just go with the latter, okay?

Confession #2: Recently there has been a trend of girls posting pictures of themselves bare faced and without makeup and I just find it a little ridiculous (I'm not even going to mention #cockinasock). To me, all you're doing is showing a picture of your face as it naturally looks, which is all fine, but I just don't understand how it's "raising" breast cancer awareness. To me, a better way to support breast cancer research and raise awareness is to donate directly to a research group (like Susan G. Komen) or participate in a charity run/walk.

Besides, I was posting no makeup selfies before it was cool.

Confession #3: I recently started washing my hair every other day (from every day) and I'm loving it more and more. To keep it short and sweet, it's saving me time in the mornings and money on hair product I have to use. I've also enjoyed finding and trying new hairstyles for my "dirty" hair. I may do a more in depth post about it later if anyone's interested in my transition/progress.

One of my favorite "dirty hair" hair styles! Also a great shot of my resting bitch face.

After about a week, I was able to wear my hair down on a "dirty" day.

Confession #4: Several weeks ago I made a commitment to start a clean eating journey. I won't say I've failed completely, but I'm not doing well at all (see picture below). So I've been perusing some health and fitness Instagram accounts and finding some fun recipies to try in the next few weeks, because as it turns out, I have a mean sweet tooth. When I moved in to my apartment all clean eating went down the drain but over the last week or two I've been prepping and trying not to eat out as much. And when I do eat out I try to eat pretty healthy (chicken salad and broccoli salad, yum!).

It may not have been on the diet plan, but it was AMAZING. Yes that is a massive pile of ice cream sandwiched between two brownies with roasted marshmallows on top. Hashtag worth it.

What are your confessions?


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

hello! i love seeing new faces on the linkup.

1) washing every other day is awesome for your hair. i switched to all natural shampoo and suddenly, the need to wash every day disappeared and now i wash every 3 days and my hair/scalp are thankful for it.

2) i love the braids. i'm a total tool when it comes to fancy hair stuff like that.

3) i follow the 90/10 rule: 90% clean eating, 10% whatever!! as long as you consistently eat clean most of the time, that 10% won't do a thing. and believe me, i eat the shit out of that 10% when i do!!!

thanks for linking up!!

Vodka and Soda

Savanna said...

I need to just my hair every other day, but my hair is just so oily... The braids look amazing, I wish I could do that to my locks! I don't get the no makeup thing either, I agree just donate directly!

Savanna said...
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JumpingJE said...

YES washing hair less times per week was the best life hack I discovered in my adulthood. Also, don't condition the hair on your scalp, just focus on the hair that would come out of your imaginary shower ponytail.

Tracie Everyday said...

I only wash my hair like 2-3 times a week at most! It has helped my hair look so much healthier. I can't wait to see more of your hair styles!

Monica L said...

I was so glad when I stopped washing my hair everyday!! I need to start doing some cool things with my hair though because it is usually in a bun for days at a time. That photo at the bottom looks so amazing I could lick the screen!

Jess said...

I wash my hair every second day unless I workout and it needs it. It ends up in a pony tail a lot but only bc I don't know how to french braid' I'm super jealous.

Cece said...

No make up selfies is a thing? Most of mine have always been that way because most of the time I'm not wearing any!! It's totally normal to be obsessed with being engaged before it happens. It happens to the best of us!

lisacng @ said...

I love the double braids too! Wish I even had time for that. These days, it's a pony tail...or a pony tail.

Em said...

I love the double braids! I wish I could do snazzy stuff like that to my hair. I'm SO beyond hair challenged...exactly why my hair stylist is rolling in my $$$. Haha. I'm definitely thinking about hopping on the bandwagon too and switch to washing every other day...I heard it's better for your hair anyway?? Happy hump day girl!!

Leslie said...

I used to have extremelyyyy oily hair and I would wash it daily (sometimes more) because I was so self conscious about it. Finally I bit the bullet and started skipping days and my hair has actually gotten LESS oily and I can wear it down on "dirty" days. For example - I wore it clean in a messy bun on Monday and down and curled yesterday and it looked like I just washed it!

Nadine Lynn said...

Ohh your dirty hair styles are cute! I would love to do every other day...but I work out Monday-Friday in the mornings and I sweat like a I HAVE to wash my hair every morning. Except this morning...I had my first arms only work out and I didn't sweat at all. I am totally rocking a 2nd day pony tail today!

That brownie/ice cream/marshmallow looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I try to eat 80/20 but am really pushing myself to do 90/10.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

That desert... I can't even... GET IN MY BELLY!
At least they're not having people post pics of naked BOOBS! ;P

Lisa said...

Hey Kaylin!! Oh that's funny! The #Engaged feed! It does sound pretty interesting lol. I think I may check that one out hahah!


The Handey Way said...

I just got to the point where I could wash it every other day, and I'm loving it. Plus, braids help hide my second day nest hair.

The Handey Way said...

I just got to the point where I could wash it every other day, and I'm loving it. Plus, braids help hide my second day nest hair.

alyssa said...

I'm so with you on #2. I don't think there's a person alive who isn't aware of breast cancer at this point, so let's move away from the fruitless "awareness" campaigns and start DOing, shall we?! Thanks for pointing this out :)
Also, second day hair is best day hair! I can push mine 2 or 3 days now still wearing it down and looking fresh and bouncy. Training works! Love those braids!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Great- now I am totally going to be stalking #engaged too!

Food, Booze, & Baggage said...

I switched from washing everyday and it is so much better. Your hair should adjust, it helped me to switch to natural shampoo (no silicons shampoos are for not washing everyday). I like to say I eat "cleaner" so I still eat sugar and we still dine out but when we cook at home we cook all "real" food no frozen meals or boxed stuff and no packaged cookies, try to buy almost all organic and local pastured-raised meats. It's about small steps in the right direction!

Lauren said...

I have resting bitch face plaques some women. AND I love my Dove dry shampoo on days I sleep in a litttttle too long. And you always know when I don't shower because my hair is in a pony and I'm wearing a headband!

allieology said...

Please please please show us your dirty hair ways... particularly in the braiding department.

Fairy Princess Jord said...

I hear you on the breast cancer awareness selfies...I mean isn't it more helpful to just donate like $5 to breast cancer research or something? I don't even see how a makeup free selfie spreads awareness for anything.

brooke lyn said...

i know all about that sweet tooth. currently on a no processed sugar allowed timeout.

Brittany said...

I am pretty sure that browsing everything engagement related while waiting to be engaged is a disease, I have it too.

Pink Pamalamma said...

I'm so with you on #2! I've actually gotten in arguments with friends on two separate occasions with the whole Facebook thing of posting your bra color or where you keep your purse things that were going around a few years ago. I said exactly what you did - how is this helping raise awareness/find a cute for cancer? If you want to help, donate to Komen/participate in an event! I was just told I was being "stupid" and "negative". Glad someone else sees it!

Omg that marshmallow brownie thing, get in my mouth right now!! I'm a total sweet tooth, too. Makes it really hard to eat healthy!

Laney NightOwl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only who skips a day and doesn't wash their hair. They say you shouldn't wash your hair daily anyways or so I've heard. and that dessert looks good. I did the bare face pic deal for cancer and it's a thing going around on facebook. A good thing I think. Any way to raise awareness is the best. Not everyone can contribute money wise. So this helps too so why not. Love the braids you did. are those french braids or regular braids?

Him & Me (But Mostly Me) said...

I wish I could do my hair like that! Gorgeous!!! Also... never wear make up here, ALL my selfies are make-up less!

McKenna Phillips said...

Woman you are going to make me a walking zombie in the morning! Lol..... I told myself I was going to go to bed like... 3 hours ago, yet, here I am... still reading your blog!! It's okay though, because I think its awesome, and so are you! You are definitely going on my "bloggers I follow" list on my blog :)

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