Thursday, May 1, 2014

I can't feel my butt... and other life updates

I feel like I haven't stepped in to blog land in quite some time. I mean, I haven't even thought about writing a post in at least a week and I'm barely making it around to reading even my most favorite blogs. But every day this week I've been attending an NCLEX (nursing licensure exam) test prep seminar type course. Eight hours a day, with my bum in a hard plastic chair with an attached desk, like the ones from high school. I don't know if my butt was a little more padded back then, or I've just gotten ornery in my old age, but sitting for long periods of time makes my fanny go numb and it makes me irritable. 

So after eight hours of test review, the only thing I want to do is come home, pop open a bottle of wine and relax (see below).

I've also started re-reading the Harry Potter series from beginning to end. I'm on the fourth book, which just so happens to be my favorite of all. I haven't read it in over six years because I either loaned it to someone who never returned it or lost it, but my wonderful mother got me a boxed set two Christmases ago and I'm christening it now. It really is surprising to me how much I've forgotten (from only watching the movies) but it's really refreshing to be reliving all of Harry (and Ron and Hermione's) adventures again. (If you weren't aware, I'm a HUGE HP fan. I even hosted a link up.)

I am still on the fence about what I would like to persue, career-wise, after graduation. I just don't think my brain has accepted the fact that I'll actually be done with school. And that I'll get to have a real full time job again. And free time. And friends (outside of nursing school). Not to say I don't love my nursing school friends, but I love my other friends too and I have missed them dearly. But I guess I should decide soon, being that I'll be graduated in less than week's time, don't ya think?

You would think that all of this time off from blogging I would have come up with hundreds (or at least a few) of things to blog about, but nope. Not a single great idea has popped in to my head over the last few months. Or, if it has, I've either already blogged about it or forgotten it. Most likely the latter, being that all I've been thinking about lately are arterial blood gasses and if a glucose reading can be delegated to an licensed assistive personnel. Woof. Sorry for the nursing tangent.

Even with all the excitement coming up in the next week, I have been giving a lot of thought to blogging recently, and how excited I am to be able to return full swing. I'm looking forward to opening up my blog to sponsorships, and sponsoring some of my favorite bloggers again. I'm looking forward to commenting, and responding to comments that all you wonderful readers leave for me. I'm looking forward to more design clients. I'm looking forward to being able to sit down and really pour my heart into my blog with a glass of wine without worrying if I really have the time for it.


Jackie said...

The nice thing about nursing is you can change your mind. I have worked in pediatrics the last 3.5 years, and adults for 1.5 years before that, but I have done hospital, home care, and doctor's office nursing. You'll find where you want to go and in 10 years if you thinjk, maybe I need a change, you can. :) good luck. Let me know if you want any insight or help-I'd be happy to!

Kels Sheron said...

I've still got one more year of grad school so I'm glad I can live graduation vicariously though you b/c it makes me nervous too...Good luck girl!!!

Caitlin said...

I feel you on the lack of blogging ideas. My blog feels so blah lately.

Can't wait to start re-reading HP again :)

Jay T said...

A numb butt is the worst thing EVER. I've been listening to the HP books on CD. I've listened to the first two and now I want to read the rest of the series again... you're an inspiration and I thank you for that.

Colleen Freese said...

Hey! I have numb butt right now! Damn chair...

Well I know I'm looking forward to more of your posts! Enjoy HP and go get yourself a Butter Beer!

Colleen | Let’s Talk About Lipstick

Elizabeth at Southern Finesse said...

I've been re-reading the HP series too and I just started the 4th one today. So that's funny. haha Although the 2nd one is my favorite. But I feel you on how much I forgot due to watching the movies more in recent years. J.K. Rowling is a genius.

brooke lyn said...

sometimes it's just hard to think of things to blog when your brain is loaded with exam prep and HP :)

Destiny said...

Ugh test prep. But it's almost over! I'm so happy for your graduation! It's taken me a year since mine to figure out what I want to do, and even now that might change soon. That's the lovely thing about life, you get to switch and change it up if you feel like it. We're lucky ladies!

Jackie said...

Goblet Of Fire is the movie that they left the most out of. It's been forever since I've read that one. I'm probably going to have to read again. My favorite book of the series is Half-Blood.

Gabrielle Reece said...

I am currently reading The Order of the Phoenix! I was pretty upset with the movie of Goblet of Fire, they left out soooo much of the book!!

Gabrielle Reece said...

I am currently reading The Order of the Phoenix! I was pretty upset with the movie of Goblet of Fire, they left out soooo much of the book!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I have missed you. On my blog and in my life. Come back soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh I have missed you. On my blog and in my life. Come back soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh I have missed you. On my blog and in my life. Come back soon.

Jessa Olson said...

I can't wait!! I would love to sponsor you!

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