Friday, June 27, 2014

Six Habits of Healthy Eaters

It's no secret that I go to the gym and work out 4-5 times a week. It's no secret, either, that I have a pretty unhealthy awesome relationship with food (namely carbs, and not the good kind) in that I am always stuffing it in my face. This may be the reason that I keep going to the gym, so I can justify all the things I put in my pie hole on a daily basis.

I'm getting off track a little. I think the point of this post was how to avoid stuffing your face and instead eating better and making healthier food choices throughout the day.

1. Drink water. I know this seems a little obvious and it's what everyone says you should do but really it's because they're right. But I'm not talking about amounts like 8 eight ounce glasses a day or even a gallon a day. My tip to you is before every meal drink a BIG glass of water. At least 16 ounces - the whole thing - right before you sit down to eat. This is probably the number one thing that keeps me from over eating. I am a really fast eater, so by the time my tummy registers that I'm full and tells my brain that I've had enough, I've already eaten too much and then I feel all gross and over full. Filling your belly with water before you eat will help prevent this.

2. Read your labels. I don't just mean read them once when you buy whatever food item from the grocery store and then never agian, but read it every time you plan on eating. This will do one of two things: either remind you what the actual serving size is (surprisingly an entire box of oreos is not one serving), or it will disgust you so much that you decide to eat something else (like an apple) instead.

3. Eat many times throughout the day. Don't eat six five-course meals or anything but here's how I do it: Banana (or some kind of fruit) before the gym, oatmeal OR eggs and toast after the gym, half an apple and peanut butter as a midmorning snack, lunch, afternoon snack (usually the other half of the apple), then dinner. Technically we are supposed to start bigger and end with a smaller meal, but I usually make big hearty dinners because I know Derek doesn't eat as much as me during the day. If you DO eat more at night, be sure to eat before 7 pm (or 2-3 hours before bed). 

4. Plan/prep your meals. Whether you do it the night before (or the morning of, like me) or you prepare a whole week on Sunday nights, having everything ready will really prevent mindless snacking and trips to the evil that I call a vending machine. 

5. Don't buy the bad stuff. It makes it SO MUCH easier to avoid eating sweets, carbs, or whatever it is you're trying to avoid if you just don't buy it from the grocery store. If there's a tub of ice cream in my freezer, you can bet I'm going to have a bowl every night until the ice cream is gone. If you can't keep yourself from buying it, try to buy healthier versions like frozen yogurt instead of ice cream! I usually try to keep my fridge/pantry stocked with plenty of fruit, natural peanut butter, cheese sticks, pickles, and other things to snack on when I get the munchies.

6. Indulge a little. That's right. Eat whatever the heck you want, just do it sparingly instead of the whole box of oreos. If I want a cookie, I eat one. Just not every day. My motto is "everything in moderation" except cheese, eat as much of that as you want. But not really. 

So tell me, what do you do to stay on track when it comes to making healthier food choices?


ohshellsbells said...

i join a CSA every summer which gives me lots of fresh vegetables every weeek and forces me to find a way to eat them all before they go bad.

Kailagh said...

I am trying so hard to eat healthier, these tips are amazing. I have been getting better with water, and I already feel amazing.

xo. Kailagh

Anonymous said...

Ummm #7. Eat cake, chipotle and breakfast burritos on the regular.

No? Just me? Damn it.

brooke lyn said...

i totally have to stick with the don't buy bad things. because if it is in my house i will eat it !

Jamie @ SnapGinger Blog said...

I try to eat in "frequent small feedings" as my grandma used to call it :) and drink tons of water, thanks for the other tips!!!
Jamie @ SnapGinger Blog

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