Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm a bad, bad blogger

Remember that time when I wished something exciting would happen in my life so I would have some good blogging content? Well something exciting happened, and I'm still a terrible blogger. So I'm going to "update" you all and confess a few things, since it's been waayyyy to loong since I've done that.

.....I had a conversation with my mom and a friend about passing gas (aka farting) and it really grosses them out and their bodies were somehow blessed by the hand of God Himself because they just don't "have to do it" and I'm over here like, excuse me while I roll down the window because I have to fart at least 10 times a day.

...When we chose the date for our wedding, we had exactly 64 days to plan. As of today there are 59 days until my wedding. Yes, you read that right. FIFTY NINE DAYS. Surprisingly, I don't feel too overwhelmed (yet) and I actually feel like I have most of the important stuff accomplished. I've booked the venue, talked to my coordinator/catorer, bought a dress + had it fitted, ordered wedding shoes, picked my bridesmaids, chose a wedding hashtag (#ParkerShenanigans14) and scheduled my bachelorette party (<---- most important). 

...Trying on wedding dresses was HELL. I don't see how people think this is fun. I probably put 25-30 dresses on, even though I found the dress I wanted somewhere in the middle. There's just something about knowing that there are so many more options out there, you feel like you have to make sure there isn't a better one. Everyone kept saying "ooohh that looks SO GOOD on you" and I just wanted to be like "everything looks good on me because I'm an effing beauty queen" but I held my tongue.

....I'm writing this instead of running/biking like I am supposed to be. Whoops.

...I told a co-worker that I would make two pecan pies for another coworker's going away party and I really don't want to and I'm debating on just buying some from the store and hoping no one would tell the difference. future MIL keeps adding to my guest list. The guest list that is already 17 people over the maximum amount of people I said I wanted it. Every time I get a text that says "Oh I forgot about so and so" a fit of rage comes over me and I nearly break/throw whatever is in my hand at the time.

...I don't have any pictures for you because the only pictures I have are wedding related (my dress and my venue) and I'm not ready to share those just yet.

Linking up with Kathy.

Have you ever planned a wedding in 8 weeks, do you have any tips or tricks?


shannon said...

you just shot to the top of my list of favorite bloggers because of your farting. and your willingness to talk about it.

let's start a club.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit 54 days!? You're amazing...or crazy....but mostly amazing.

The Jessa Olson Blog said...

That is crazy and awesome all at the same time. I had issues with my guest list too. I added people but some of the people that was added didnt' show up. If you need to vent I'm only an email or text away. Take a deep breath and remember the it's just the wedding and your marriage is forever.

allieology said...

Um you should win an award for planning a wedding in 8 weeks, because that is amazing!

Claire @ Refining Bliss said...

You've made more wedding plans in a week than I've made in two months! Teach me your ways!! We're still stuck on a location because almost everything we like is already booked a year in advance. Congrats again :)

Jaelan @ Making Mrs. M said...

We had issues with MIL trying to add to our guest list too. Just put a cap on it and say, "we can ONLY invite X number of guests. You can have Y number of invitations that you can send out."

59 days! Woo! Exciting!

Tracie Everyday said...

OMG! Wedding dress shopng sucks balls. It's like the make the dresses to not fit right, so that you have to pay for alterations. And don't even get me started on the guest list, I swear I was gonna cut somebody "Mr. and Mrs." does not mean your 9 extra people you want to bring and no mom, I don't want to invite my BROTHERS best friend from high school, his, and his mother. Just no.

Melissa Camacho said...

farting and this: "everything looks good on me because I'm an effing beauty queen" you're officially my favorite! :D

Sweet Catastrophe Blog said...

Whew!! Props to you for being so organized, I would probably be having a nervous breakdown. Super excited to see pictures after the big day! :)

Kaitlin Rose said...

My best friend and I both had short engagements and I truly believe they're the best.

Advice: knock out booking ALL of your vendors IMMEDIATELY. Catering, cake, photographer, any rentals not included with venue, officiant, DJ or band, florist. All within like 2-3 days. Be prepared to go with your second or even third choice on all of them because super short engagements are atypical. Don't be afraid to be a bitch to your in-laws--tell them there is NO more room for more guests and they need to cut people because it is simply not in the budget nor is it what you are comfortable with. If they don't listen to you, have your fiance tell them. Make any DIY things ahead of time. The sooner you get it all done, you will have some time to relax between now and wedding week. It will be SUPER stressful for a few days while you book everything, then it will settle down, and then the week of it will get stressful again. And have someone to be your "bridal bitch" day of to run everything for you. My mentor did it for me, a family friend did it for my best friend, but you can also pay wedding planners to do this exclusively for the day of. This keeps you from having to be stressed on your wedding day and just be able to focus on gettin' pretty and enjoying the day.

I have several spreadsheets and schedules I used to keep it organized since it was so short a process--I can email them to you if you like!

Jay T said...

You are extra snarky today and I'm kind of loving it. Everything about it. BUT HOLY SHIT GIRL, 59 DAYS?? I can't even tell you how impressed I am, like WHOA. And I'm sure you DID look like an effing beauty queen in all those dresses and I bet you farted in a couple of them.

Samantha said...

And I thought I was the master wedding planner....YOU GO GIRL. So happy to hear you hired a coordinator too! They are life savers!

Where is your bachelorette gonna be!?!??!

Ashleigh W. said...

Wow! The fact that you already did ALL of that in less than two weeks amazes me. Seriously, way to go!

Kayla MKOY said...

LOL!! "Because I'm an effing beauty queen", you're amazing. You go girl! I could hardly plan my wedding in 9 months, go you for being so on top of everything!!

The Rachael Way said...

59 days?!?! YOU GO GLENN COCO!!! You got this!!!!

K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

I'm the MOH in my brother's wedding next August and we're already stressing out about it and we still have a year to plan! You're a rockstar for planning one so quick!

Kasey At The Bat said...

damn girl, look at you kicking ass + taking names! I always assumed the trying on wedding dresses thing was supposed to be fun because of the champagne!

kdhopwood said...

I love that you're not waiting forever to get married. It seems like it takes some people like 14 years to plan a wedding :)

Anonymous said...

54 days?! and I am over here freaking out because of 10 months! you go girl!

Plucky said...

Holy god. I can't even imagine. Hang in there! I think you might be onto something, though. Because the amount of stress most people have about weddings can't possibly all fit into 8 weeks, so you are definitely playing the smart card here! Hope you're enjoying it all!!

Kasey Lynne said...

GIRL, kudos to you for planning a wedding in 8 weeks! It can totally be done though, so you're awesome for that.

While I was on vacation with my husband and family a few weeks ago, I guess I had the craziest farts while I was sleeping and my husband was still awake. He still dies laughing just thinking about it.

Buy the pecan pies...who cares if anybody notices. Just lie and say you made them.

Pink Pamalamma said...

Wow you got all that done in 5 days?? You're s rock star!

Also ... "you feel like you have to make sure there isn't a better one." -- sooo know what you mean! I was the same way.

Kenji is Here said...

59 days, holy moly girl! You are a way better planner than I am!

Him & Me (But Mostly Me) said...

Wow! I thought I had a short engagement with 5 months! Way to go girl!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Yeah, trying on dresses sounds like a pain in the ass! I hate trying on stuff period. Hopefully I'll be one of those girls who likes the first one she grabs, haha!

Elizabeth Than said...

That is a super short time for preparation! But thank goodness the troublesome part of buying and most of the planning are done. Lucky for J and I, everything here charge by per head. We decided that whoever wants to add in additional not-so-important guests will have to pay for them (my future MIL will most probably be the one adding, I just know). Anyway, don't forget to have fun!

Kelley Moyer said...

Tell your in laws no more people!!! We ended up inviting more than what our venue would hold and expected a certain number due to RSVPs...because of this we decided to add about 20 meals and an extra layer to the cake (aka several hundred dollars more)and we actually had about 20 LESS people show up than expected! So so so frustrating and infuriating and really pissed me off when I thought about it later.

ohshellsbells said...

no wonder you havent had time to blog, youve been capital B busy. I'm so impressed with all you've gotten accomplished! get it girl!

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

59 days?! I'm getting anxiety on your behalf! But seriously, it sounds like you have everything under control - so YAY! I'm just super excited for you and I can't wait to hear about all of your plans!

Rachel Emily said...

You're a freaking genius for the 59 days things. GEN-I-US.

Faith B said...

PLANNING YOUR WEDDING IN 8 WEEKS... GIRL YOU ARE CRAZY. You have all the important stuff done, so you win so many points for that one. I'm also a little anxious for you, because 59 days. Holy shit.
But I'm also excited for you, so there's that.

Also, I actually laughed out loud at your beauty queen comment. Not even kidding.

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