Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3 Ways to Style a "Mom Bob"

I recently took the plunge (for about the 32nd time) and cut my hair short. Also, I'm trying to work out the blonde highlights and get back to my natural color and stop blowing all my money on getting my hair done. But that's beside the point. I've come to the realization that my hair length is the exact same as what some people like to refer to as the "mom bob." 

While this fact doesn't particularly bother me, and in my line of work I rarely even "fix" my hair, I still try to look less like a "mom" and more like a twenty-something that somewhat has her shit life together. So, I came up with a few ways to style my hair and I thought I'd share them with you today.


Style 1: The Tousled Ponytail
This is probably the easiest of the three ways to style your hair. I just take the top/front section of my hair (from about the temples up) and loosely curl them. Then I tilt my head back and run my fingers through the curls, and pulling the rest of my hair into the ponytail. Once it's secured with the hair tie, I finger brush the top of my hair backward to give it that teased look.

Style 2: Loose Waves (with a straightener)
When my hair was longer, I never could get the hang of curling my hair with a hair straightener. Now that it's closer to chin-length, I find that I like it much better than my curling iron. Firstly, it's faster. Not throw-my-hair-in-a-ponytail-because-I-only-have-five-more-minutes faster, but faster than the curling iron - on average, it takes me about ten minutes to do this style. Secondly, using a curling iron on this length makes me look a little to Shirley Temple-esque. More examples of this style here and here.

Style 3: Twisted (or braided) Bangs
This has to be, absolutely, my most favorite hairstyle and it is usually my go-to hairstyle. I don't have "bangs" per se, because I can't stand hair in my face. So nine days out of ten, you'll find them pinned back - either with a braid, a twist (shown above) or just a small pompadour - anything to get them out of my face. This takes about one minute and I can wear my hair up or down. Similar styles here and here.

Tell me, what are some of your go-to hairstyles?


Anonymous said...

Love these ideas! They're all so cute.

Alexes Eide said...

Iv been thinking of cutting my hair, but I'm afraid bc my hair is finally long again but your styles look so cute, I may have to rethink!!!

Kayla MKOY said...

Sooo cute! The loose waves are my fav!

Kels @ BlonderSide said...

I had this exact length all through college but have since then been growing it out b/c I can and I'm too lazy to get it cut (that's the best answer I've got for ya lol) BUT I do love this length and don't think it's "mom" hair. You're adorable :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

These are all so cute! Love the waves.

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