Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My First Stitch Fix

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years, then you've probably heard of stitch fix. If you haven't heard of or tried stitch fix in the past, it's an online styling service, where your own personal stylist sends five items (generally clothing or jewelry) to your door for you to try on in the comfort of your home. You keep the items you love, and can send back the pieces you didn't, at no cost to you. After quite some time debating, reading reviews, and some more debating, I finally signed up for my first fix.

The general consensus is that it takes some time for your stylist to really get a feel for what you're looking for, and that your first and second fix may not be exactly what you had in mind. This didn't discourage me from trying though! A few pointers I picked up along the way were to utilize Pinterest in pinning items you'd love and being very detailed in your requests and likes/dislikes when filling out your style profile.

For this fix, I asked for fun, simple summertime pieces. My summer wardrobe is a little lacking and I'm looking to add some diversity in with all my plain solid colored tee shirts that I'm usually wearing. I also asked for a few pieces that could be used for date nights and nights spent out and about downtown.

So without any further adieu, here are the items I received in my first fix:

Yumi Kailani Lace Dress - $88

I really liked the color scheme of this dress, however the fit was just a little off around the waist, but thankfully it came with a matching belt. I thought the dress was very flattering for my body type, but I just didn't think I'd wear it too often. I did ask for "date night" attire in my fix, but to me this dress is a little more of a Sunday church dress than a Saturday night out dress. Even though I liked the dress itself, I wasn't willing to spend the money on something that I wasn't really looking for.

Bancroft Kara Hammered Coin Long Necklace - $34
Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee - $44

I love this top. It's comfortable, but at the same time it's able to be styled up for a casual night of dinner and drinks with friends. The necklace, I was on the fence about. It worked with this outfit, but it just wasn't something I could see myself wearing often enough to keep. I didn't keep either of these items. Even though I loved the top, I actually already have a gray top pretty similar in style to this one and couldn't justify having two of nearly the same top.

Renee C Jordie Ikat Print Maxi Skirt - $58

My stylist hit the nail on the head with this skirt. Firstly, I'm a big fan of maxi skirts in the summer time. They instantly dress up an outfit while keeping the comfort level on point. I once heard someone say that maxi skirts are like the yoga pants of dresses. I totally agree. The pattern is a little funky but I really like it paired with a plain tee or tank. I kept this piece without hesitation.

Sweet Rain Chancery Open-Back Blouse - $44

This top was the hardest decision to make. I love the material and the style of the top - seriously the cut out in the back is to die for, and I love sleeveless shirts that allow me to wear a regular bra - but I wasn't sure I could get past the pattern. It's a little hard to see in the photos, but it's an all over navy top with pink and purple flowers. I'm really not against the floral pattern but the pink was what bothered me. I'm not a pink gal, but I could get past it with this top. The deciding factor was that the shirt was just too big. The arm holes were gaping and you could see my bra from the sides, so I ended up returning this piece as well.

Even though I only kept one item, I think it was a great fix. I was really disappointed the navy blouse didn't fit. I think my stylist has a good idea of what I'm looking for and I definitely plan to use Stitch  Fix in the future.

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? What were your thoights?

 *This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix however it does contain referral links, meaning that if you sign up using my link, I will get a referral fee.


carissajade said...

I've been wantint to try stitch fix for a while, and I think this post convinced me! I love love the maxi skirt. So cute.

Iva said...

Honestly TJMaxx has all of these clothes for way cheaper and way better brands too. I would never pay 44 dollars for a shirt, but that's me.

Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog said...

LOOOOVE the skirt!

Kati Rose @ Constantly Seeking Wonder said...

I love that dress! Too bad the price tag was such a bummer.

Macy said...

You got some really great items! The only thing that turns me off from Stitch Fix is the price of some of the items. I would love to get one with some pieces for my honeymoon, but I can't see spending almost $100 for a dress. BUT, I really love that skirt and the navy blouse you got, it's items like that, that I would love to get.

Fairy Princess Jord said...

I've never used Stitch Fix (I'm good enough at spending money shopping on my own without the added temptation haha) but I always love reading reviews! You were sent some fun summer pieces, I'm glad you liked the maxi skirt. I can't wait to see what is in your next fix (:

Jessie Jones said...

My first fix was a flop, but you are giving me hope to try again! Loved the maxi skirt!

Christine said...

Love that skirt!!

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

I think you actually got a super awesome fix, especially for your first one!! I love the pieces, but totally get why you didn't keep some of them. I'm glad you kept the skirt, though, because it looks great on you!

Kayla MKOY said...

I've never tried stitch fix..mostly because a ton of their stuff is WAY out of my price range right now (debt payoff sucks!). I do need to get better though at buying QUALITY pieces...and I think all of these pieces make you look amazing! However that maxi is my fav ;) great choice!!

Megan Fussell said...

I absolutely LOVE that maxi on you - GREAT choice, girlfriend! But I actually liked all of those things on you. You look fabulous in all of it. I have been wanting to try Stitch Fix, but I have a thing for shopping so I am afraid I would want to keep it all. If I do decide to try it, I will come back and use your link.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I love that skirt!

Coral's Country said...

So great to hear your honesty about this process! And you looked GREAT in everything!!

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