Monday, August 10, 2015

Canadian Vacation Part 3: Shuswap Lake Adventures

Canadian Vacation Part 1
Canadian Vacation Part 2

This is the last of my photos from our trip to Canada last month. It kind of makes me sad to say that because it seems so final. Like, even though we've been back from vacation for some time, now that I'm sharing the last of the photos its really over. Really, really over.

I mentioned before that our days mostly consisted of doing relaxing things, but we also spent a lot of time hiking and spent two days doing a good bit of kayaking, to avoid being totally sedentary. We hiked several trails around the lake, but my favorite was hiking to the top of Copper Island. It's an island with an elevation from bottom to top of about 450 feet and the circumference was somewhere around 2 miles. It was amazing getting to the top and seeing the beautiful views provided by the elevation.

Out of all the photos from our trip, I think this one is my absolute favorite.

In addition to the hiking and walking trails, we spent the better part of two days doing a lot of kayaking. The first time we went out, we only paddled about two miles from the cabins, but the next day we decided to venture out a little further and paddled to a small little waterfall about six miles away. I know, six miles doesn't sound too far but when you're travelling over water with only your arms for propulsion - it's damn far. But it was definitely worth it!

The waterfall wasn't huge but it was very pretty and so, so cold. By the time we got there, the water coming off the fall was colder than our water bottles. We didn't try to climb it or anything, actually we only spent about five minutes there because a huge thunderstorm came rolling up and we started high-tailing it back to cloudless, sunny areas of the lake.

So that concludes the recapping of our adventures in Canada! Our next vacation will be to LAS VEGAS at the end of September. We've already booked our rooms (using AirBnb for the first time) and decided on one of the shows we'll see while we're there (Mystere by Cirque du Soleil) but I'm definitely open to suggestions of what else to do while we're there!

What are your favorite types of vacations? Calm, relaxing, and go with the flow, or adventurous, sight-seeing, and always moving?


Kelley Moyer said...

My husband and I are going to see one of the Cirque shows in Nashville in a couple weeks. So excited!!

Jenna said...

This looks like so much fun!

Steph G said...

For me, vacations are best when they are mixture of activities and relaxation. Your pictures are gorgeous. Waterfalls get me everytime.

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

I still can't get over how gorgeous the pictures are!!!! This place looks amazing.

Amanda said...

Your pictures are stunning! Ugh, I am so jealous. I am dying to take a vacation- I'd love to go camping or to a beach!

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stephanie hammer said...

This makes me want to go camping. So. Bad. These are so lovely.

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