Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Basic Guide for Basic Stocking Stuffers

This year, we aren't doing an extravagant gift exchange between me and my husband. After all, we just bought a house, so that's pretty sufficient. Even though we aren't doing traditional gifts, we still want a little bit of excitement on Christmas morning so we will be stuffing each other's stocking. And I mean that in a completely platonic way.

Moving on...

So that got me thinking about what the usual "stocking stuffer" gifts usually are (nail polish, toiletries, ornaments, knick knacks, etc) and some things that I would really want in my stocking. I decided to comprise a list of THE PERFECT stocking stuffers.

An unending supply of wine.
Now, I know this wouldn't technically fit in my stocking, but it would be a pretty darn perfect gift. There's nothing worse than coming home, putting on your jammies, and going to pour yourself a nice crisp glass of wine, and there's none in the fridge!

A way to get people to stop asking me when we're having kids.
Seriously people, when the time comes, we'll let you know!

Christmas ornaments that repel curious kitties.
One morning last week I woke up to 15 ornaments on the floor. FIFTEEN. Not to mention, several branches of our brand new tree are bent almost to the ground. (Yes I bought a fake tree even though I swore I never would but that's another story for another day) No matter how many times I spray them, they get right back in the tree.

Ponytail holders that you can't lose.
Do you know how many pony tail holders I found when we moved out of our house? Actually not that many. I thought we would find hundreds (because that's how many I feel like I've lost) but I guess they are actually just lost forever. Bobby pins, on the other hand... I found enough of those to last a lifetime.

A Roomba vacuum cleaner.
Those things are seriously the tits. Plus I'd love to see the reaction my cats have, I've heard it's quite entertaining.

The energy level I had in college.
Staying up until 2 in the morning then waking up for an 8 AM class? No problem when I was in college. But now? Staying up past 10 pm has me feeling some type of way (<-- what does that statement even mean) when my alarm clock goes off. Which is something that's happened pretty frequently during these home renovations.

The perfect lighting for instagram photos.
That warm orangey-yellow glow that I get if I don't put my insta-subject in the perfect indirect natural light is just not cutting it. I know it can't be daylight all the time, but sometimes filters can only do so much, ya know?

I know most of these things don't really exist, but a girl can dream, right? What would be in your "perfect" stocking?


Lauren said...

The energy level I had in college .... girl, preach!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS. I wish people would stop asking us when we're going to procreate again, too.

Steph G said...

YES! I would also love bedding that washes itself and remakes the bed. I hate fitted sheets.

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I LOVE our Roomba! We schedule it to run in the middle of the night when the dogs are all in our room sleeping so they don't even know it's running. You can get it at Bed, Bath & Beyond and use the 20% coupon, that's what we did!

The Rachael Way said...

this post is just awesome. haha.

Blonder Side of Life said...

Haha yes I'd love ALL of these things! Although I don't have any kitties or a tree so that one I'll let you have :)

Life with Lolo said...

YES! To all of these things. Particularly the Roomba and the energy I had in college.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i want the roomba and the perfect lighting please. and the people asking when we are going to have kids, that definitely needs to stop.

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